This is becoming more likely to be the Auchindrain, Kilchrenan unless the lands extended on both sides of Loch Awe to Loch Fyne.

From "Origines Parochiales Scotiae" Vol 2 part 1 pp 85-90 (thanks to Frances Dunlop)

In 1509, Ewne (sic) Maccorquodill of Edderlin was served heir to his father Ewne Maccorquodill of Phantelans, in the lands of Auchindrayne (Ach-an-draighinn), in the earldom and sheriffdom of Argyll.

In 1518, King James V confirmed to Ewen Maccorquodill, the son of the deceased Ewen Maccorquodill, the one markland of Acheindrien in the lordship of Ergile.

1534 NN0303 Fairhurst III Argyll VII No 213, p 464 & notes on p 562 value of 4 Merkland

In 1542 the same King granted to Malcolm Makcorkill, the son and apparent heir of Ewen Makcorkill of Fantelen, with remainder in succession to his brothers Duncan and Lauchlan, and to Malcom’s heirs whomsoever, the same markland of Auchindryne, and the four marklands of Auchinthra, in the lordship of Lochow, which Ewen Makcorkill had resigned.

In 1556, Auchindryne, of the old extent of one mark, was resigned by Duncan M’Corkatill of Fantelane, and granted by Queen Mary to Archibald, Earl of Ergile.

1591 Dougall McClerick of Bralecan married a Marion Campbell, but Dougall died before December 1591 and his widow married Donald McEvor of Auchindrain.

(The first known reference to Braleckan and Craleckan occurs in a charter from the 3rd Earl of Argyll dated 13th March 1514. He grants charter to his 'Beloved familier' Iain Clerk or McClerick of the nine merkland of Braleckan and Craleckan. This was reduced by 2nd August 1539 when Iain's son, Iain McSannine McClerick of Braleckan was granted sasine of the five merkland of Braleckan and Craleckan
An indication of the social standing of the Clerks or McClericks (the two names are used interchangeably) can be judged from the fact that in 1536 Donald McClerick, as part of the retinue of 200 people drawn from the whole of Scotland, accompanied the 4th Earl to the wedding between King James 5th of Scotland and the daughter ofthe French King, Frances 1st, held at Notre Dame. Later descendants are recorded as holding the positions of Deputy Chamberlain of Kintyre (1666), Commissioner of Supply for Argyll (1704) and, later, Commissary of the Isles (1706). A connection with Auchindrain appears in the next generation. Iain's son Dougall McClerick married a Marion Campbell, but Dougall died before December 1591 and his widow married Donald McEvor ofAuchindrain.1


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