1789 French Revolution

1780's -
Clearance of Killean Township.1
The 5th Duke of Argyll sold the neighboring township of Killean.
Twelve tenants were dispossessed and accommodated by the people of Auchindrain until they could find employment elsewhere.
See the 1978 article by Marion Campbell of Kilberry.
//what is the exact date of this? //
According to the RCAHMS inventory this event happened in the late 1760's / early 1770's
It seems strange that Killean has a full population in the 1779 Argyll census, which suggests that the Duke owned it then,
It will be great to get some documentary evidence for this event.

Plan for Modernizing Auchindrain by George Langland for the 5th Duke of Argyll would have rearranged Auchindrain's buildings in rows something like nearby Kenmore on Loch Fyne, but the plan was never realized.
There is a copy of the Map
Need to get permission to use it.

13th April 1788 - Alexander Munro brought a case to reclaim the expenses of searching for and recovering a stolen mare.
He had to wait until 1st December 1791 to recieve payment of 17s. 4d.

Potatoes were coming in as a staple diet of many -
When did they arrive in the area?