27 May 1791 Angus Campbell born

Who are the tenants ?
this is a collation from available documents not from any legal tenancy agreement.

  • Alexander Munro,
  • Peter Munro,
  • Duncan Munro son to Malcom,
  • John Sinclair,
  • Peter Campbell,
  • Martin Munro and
  • Duncan Munro tenants,

Who are the residents - collated very loosely from available documents and sources

  • Alexander Munro,
  • Peter Munro,
  • + Catherine Walker
  • Malcolm Munro,
    • Archd Munro
    • Duncan Munro
  • + Jennet ???
  • John Sinclair,
    • Dond Sinclair
    • John Sinclair
  • Peter Campbell,
  • + Isobel Ferguson
    • Archd Campbell
  • Martin Munro
  • + Jennet McVicar
    • Peter Munro
  • Duncan Munro
  • + Catherine Sinclair
  • John McEoiskin
  • John Ferguson
  • + Betty Munro
  • Christian Mckellar family
  • Mary McCosham - widow
  • Duncan Munro
  • + Mary Munro
  • Donald McNicol
  • + Catherine McArthur


FH193 List of Women in INVERARAY and GLENARAY who in the opinion of Archibald McNab ought to be employed in the spinning of wool 1792

There is a note down left hand side of list the whole of Achindrain people refuses except widow McCoshain
Jennet ??? wife of Duncan Munro refuses
Betty Munro wife of John Ferguson refuses
Jennet McVicar wife of Martin Munro refuses
Catherine Walker wife of Peter Munro refuses
Christian Mckellar family refuses
Mary McCoshain widow
Catherine Sinclair wife of Duncan Munro
Isabel Ferguson wife of Peter Campbell
Mary Munro wife of Duncan Munro
Catherine McArthur wife of Donald Mcnichol

Inveraray 15th March 1792

His Grace the Duke of Argyll desire that the Women of every family,tenant.cottar and labourer,upon his estate under my charge be required to spin each family six stones of wool betwixt this candlemass next1793 at the prices paid in Glasgow for such work to be allowed them out of their Rents and that lists to be laid before His Grace of such as have complied and of those who have failed which Mr McNab will take the earliest opportunity of intimating to the families mentioned in the preceeding lists ..

Justices of the Peace in Argyll (1686-1825) by Frank Bigwood

Pg 86 – Petition: The Duke of Argyll agt woodcutters

A search warrant had been granted by Neil MacGibbon of Glasvar JP to the Duke and Humphrey Graham Chamberlain of Argyll against

  • Alexander Munro,
  • Peter Munro,
  • Duncan Munro son to Malcom,
  • John Sinclair,
  • Peter Campbell,
  • Martin Munro and
  • Duncan Munro tenants,
  • and John McEoiskin in Auchindrain.

The constable Donald McIntyre reported that he could not find any of the timber or bark.
31 Jul 1793.

ABC FH58: Those Liable to be balloted to serve as militia, 1799

  • Archd Campbell, son to Peter Campbell
  • Dond Sinclair, son to John Sinclair
  • John Sinclair, son to John Sinclair
  • Archd Munro, son to Mal Munro
  • Peter Munro, son to Martin Munro