FH27: List of military men (age 16-45) in the Mid Argyll sub-division, 5 Sep 1801

  • Dugald Campbell, son to Peter Campbell
  • Peter Campbell, Volunteer 2nd Coy
  • Donald Sinclair, Volunteer, 1st Coy
  • John Sinclair, son to John Sinclair
  • Donald Munro, son to Martin Munro
  • Duncan Munro, Volunteer 2nd Coy

ABC FH23: List of men of military age (ie 18-45) dated 1803

  • Dun Munro Sen Farmer Liable (Duncan Munro Senior)
  • Dugald Campbell Son to Peter “
  • Malcolm Munro Son to Martin “
  • Peter Munro Son to Martin “
  • Dun Munro Son to Martin “ (Duncan Munro)
  • Dond Munro Son to Martin “ (Donald Munro)
  • Mal Munro Son to Dun “ (Malcolm Munro)
  • Dond Sinclair Son to John “ (Donald Sinclair)
  • Arch Sinclair Son to John “ (Archibald Sinclair)
  • John Sinclair Son to John “
  • Dun Munro Brother to Alex Volunteer (Duncan Munro)
  • Arch Munro Taylor Liable (Archibald Munro)
  • John Munro His brother

(from M Sinclair notes)


VICE ADMIRAL COURT OF ARGYLL 1685-1825 by Frank Bigwood Pg 70 –
Petition: Alexander Munro

Alexander Munro in Auchnagoul, Archibald Sinclair in Auchindrain [ID2175], and Archibald MacViccar in Kenmore, who were currently fishing for herring in Loch Fyne, complained that the Princess of Wales of Campbeltown had sailed through their nets and damaged them to the extent of £8 10s.
They asked that William Wallace, master of the vessel, be summoned.
William Wallace denied the damage but the fishermen claimed that he had sailed back and forward across their nets.
The Admiral Depute allowed a proof.
No further proceedings recorded 18 Jul 1804.

4 October 1804 Mary Munro 1804 - was born to to John Munro 1774 - and Lillias Bell at Auchindrain
7 October 1804 Mary Munro was baptised.

11 Dec 1806 Allan Munro 1806- born to John Munro 1774 - and Lillias Bell at Auchindrain
14 Dec 1806 Allan Munro was baptised.

Between 1806 and 1808 John Munro 1774 - and Lillias Bell left the Townsip and moved to Stuckscardan, Glenshira where they had two more children, Sarah Munro 1808 - and Lillias Munro 1811 - before moving to Ladyfield, Inveraray where they had more children, Lillias died, John remarried and had a second family. see his page for more details.

from http://auchindrain.maripo.com/ which is an unreferenced document but gives us ideas that there may be things to look for.

Circa 1800 -
"That Much Frequented Path".
A network of busy drove roads once converged at Auchindrain and the neighboring township of Braleckan from Kilmichael Glassary, Loch Awe, the Isle of Mull, and the Isle of Islay.
These were used by cattle drovers enroute to lowland markets and by charcoal traders enroute to Furnace on Loch Fyne only two miles from Auchindrain.

There was a description of two former drove roads (now poorly maintained hill paths) from Kilneuair (11 miles) and from Durran (7 miles) to Auchindrain.
It was on the LochAwe website, now gone, need to find source

I Forshaw wrote an article on all of drove roads which converged at Inveraray.
(Campbeltown historian, involved in Kintyre Mag)
Need to find this

Circa 1805 -
This is the approximate year in which Malcolm CAMPBELL 1787-1862 and his older brother Peter CAMPBELL 1775-1842 moved from Auchindrain to Loch Caolisport in Knapdale (now Ellary and Castle Sween Estates).
Their departure may have been linked to the opening of the new Crinan Canal in 1801.
They and their families subsequently emigrated in 1821 to join Smith relatives already farming in the Town of Russia, Herkimer County, New York, USA, and in 1830 via the new Erie Canal to Howard Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada.
(Emily Campbell Price research)