1851 census


Census taken 30th March 1851
No one in township is marked as being blind deaf or dumb
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1851 notes

70 People in township

34 ~1st household North Auchindrain - where these people are living is intriguing. It may be ACHDN G (what has been known as the Cottars house, which would have looked very different, as its current state is due to rebuilding by a university project) OR it may be a building that is now gone, that was to the north of the township, and can be seen as a marked item on an old map.

Hugh Livingston Head married M 38 1813 Labourer Argyll Inveraray
Mary Livingston wife married F 38 1813 labourer wife Argyll Kilmichael
Margaret Livingston daughter F 13 1838 labourer daughter Argyll Kilmichael
Mary Livingston daughter F 4 1847 labourer daughter Argyll Kilmichael
Isabella Livingston daughter F 1 1849 labourer daughter Argyll Kilmichael
Catherine McNaught daughter F 7 months Sept 1850 labourer daughter Argyll Inveraray

35 ~ACHDN A 2nd Household North Auchindrain

Edward McCallum Head married M 47 1804 Farmer Argyll Lochgoilhead
Isabella McCallum wife married F 42 1809 farmer wife Argyll Craignish
Archibald McCallum son unmarried M 14 1837 farmers son Argyll Inveraray
Duncan McCallum son M 11 1840 farmers son Argyll Inveraray
John McCallum son M 1 1850 farmers son Argyll Inveraray
Edward McCallum son M 4 1847 farmers son Argyll Inveraray
Christy Sinclair servant unmarried F 15 1836 house servant Argyll, Kilbrandon

36 ~ACHDN D 3rd household North Auchindrain

Donald Munro Head married M 36 1815 Tenant Argyll Inveraray
Mary Munro Wife married F 26 1825 Argyll Inveraray
Malcolm Munro Son unmarried M 4 1847 Argyll Inveraray
Betty Munro daughter unmarried F 2 1849 Argyll Inveraray
Donald Fletcher servant unmarried M 16 1835 Argyll Inveraray

37~ ACHDN H 4th household North Auchindrain

Duncan Munro Head Married M 64 1787 Farmer Argyll Inveraray
Catherine Munro Wife married F 56 1795 Farmers wife Argyll Inveraray
Malcolm Munro Son unmarried M 28 1823 farmers son Argyll Inveraray
Donald Munro Son unmarried M 15 1836 farmers son Argyll Inveraray
Janet Munro daughter unmarried F 24 1827 farmers daughter Argyll Inveraray
Catherine Munro grand-daughter F 5 1846 Argyll Inveraray

38 ~ACHDN J 5th household North Auchindrain

John McCallum Head Married M 50 1801 Farmer Argyll, Lochgoilhead
Catherine McCallum Wife Married F 40 1811 Farmers wife Argyll, Knapdale
James McCallum Visitor unmarried M 12 1839 Scholar Argyll, Kilmichael
Mary Ferguson Servant unmarried F 18 1833 House Servant Argyll, Inveraray

39~ ACHDN L 6th Household North Auchindrain

Donald McCoshen Head Married M 74 1777 Farmer Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine Martin Wife Married F 50 1801 Farmers wife Argyll, Inveraray
Hugh McCoshen Son unmarried M 12 1839 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Flora McCoshen Daughter unmarried F 8 1843 Farmers daughter Argyll, Inveraray

ACHDN M is uninhabited - would have no roof on

40~ ACHDN O 7th Household North Auchindrain

Margaret Sinclair Head Mar F 65 1786 — Argyll, Inveraray
John Sinclair Son unmarried M 34 1817 Farmer's son Argyll, Inveraray
Margaret McFarlane Niece unmarried F 18 1833 Farmers niece Dunbarton Bonhill


41~ ACHDN AA 8th Household North Auchindrain 1851

Duncan McNicol Head Mar M 64 1787 Weaver Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McNicol Wife Mar F 58 1793 Weaver wife Argyll Kilmichael
Alexander McNicol Son unmarried M 32 1819 Labourer Argyll, Inveraray
Duncan McNicol Son unmarried M 22 1829 Labourer Argyll, Inveraray
John McNicol Son unmarried M 14 1837 Scholar Argyll, Inveraray

from here the allocation of the houses gets more complicated .. have yet to finalise these for 1851. So these are provisional at present.

42~ ACHDN T 9th Household North Auchindrain

Archilbald Campbell Head Mar M 44 1807 Mason Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine Campbell Wife Mar F 42 1809 Argyll, Inveraray
Nancy Campbell Daug Unmarried F 12 1839 Argyll, Inveraray
Margaret Campbell Daug Unmarried F 10 1841 Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine Campbell Daug Unmarried F 8 1843 Scholar Argyll, Inveraray
Mary Campbell Daug F 5 1846 Scholar Argyll, Inveraray
Elizabeth Campbell Daug F 3 1848 Argyll, Inveraray
Jessie B Campbell Daug F 8 mths 1849 Argyll, Inveraray
Euphemia McIntyre Visitor F 10 1841 Argyll, Inveraray

43~ 10th Household North Auchindrain

Archibald Sinclair Head Mar M 72 1779 Farmer Argyll, Inveraray
Bell Sinclair Wife Mar F 54 1797 Farmers wife Argyll, Inveraray
John Sinclair Son Unmarried M 27 1824 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Archibald Sinclair Son Unmarried M 22 1829 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Duncan Sinclair Son Unmarried M 19 1832 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Sarah Sinclair Daug Unmarried F 12 1839 Farmers Daug Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McArthur Servant Unmarried F 18 1833 House servant Dunbarton, Rue (Rhu)

44~ ACHDN S 11th Household North Auchindrain

Duncan McKellar Head Mar M 42 1809 Tailor Argyll, Kilmichael
Mary McKellar Wife Mar F 39 1811 Tailors Wife Argyll, Inveraray
Donald McKellar son U M 4 1847 Scholar Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McKellar daur F 3 1848 At home Argyll, Inveraray
Duncan McKellar son M 8 mths 1850 Argyll, Inveraray

45~ ACHDN R 12th Household North Auchindrain

Neil McGugan head Unmarried M 32 1819 Labourer Argyll, Inveraray
John McGugan Nephew Unmarried M 9 1842 Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McArthur Servant Unmarried F 17 1834 servant Argyll, Kilmichael

46~ ACHDN W 13th Household North Auchindrain

Mary McCallum Head Marr F 66 1785 Argyll, South Knapdale
Isabella McCallum daug Unmarried F 28 1823 At home Argyll, Lochgoilhead
Mary McPhail Niece F 3 1848 Argyll, Inveraray

47~ 14th Household North Auchindrain

Ann Campbell Head Mar F 56 1795 Cottar Argyll, Inveraray
Nancy Campbell Daur U F 24 1827 House servant Argyll, Inveraray
John Campbell Son Unmarried M 22 1829 Labourer Argyll, Inveraray

Bridge of Douglas - Nicol McNicol - Blacksmith

Killean - Duncan McCallum - Shepherd
Killean - Lieutenant- Colonel HPA Army Thomas Hall and family

Duncan Turner Miller Argyll, Dalavich
with 2 sons, one a Miller and one a Mason
Neil McLaren Shoemaker Argyll, Dalavich

Other people in 1851 census
2 Ardchonnel, Kilchrenan and Dalavich

Donald Mccallum 32 Shepherd
Mary Mccallum 36
Angus Mccallum 14
John Mccallum 10
Catharine Mccallum 9
Jane Mccallum 7
Duncan Mccallum 4
Janet Mccallum 2
Peter Munro 18 servant, shepherd
Parish: Kilchrenan and Dalavich; ED: 6; Page: 2; Line: 16;1