• John McCallum born - Edward and Mary McCallum

A centerarian Lady farmer - in the Argyllshire parish of Cumlodden, at the hill township of Achindrain there lives a centenarian lady farmer, namely, Mrs Margaret Stewart. She was born in Kilninver parish in April 1801, married John Stewart in 1829, and has been mother of eleven children.
Her eldest son, Colin, died about a year ago at the age of 80 years. Nine of her family did not survive infancy. Mrs Stewart was left a widow so far back as 1836, For many years she held the farm of Finoglen, near Loch Scammadale, in Kilninver parish. About twenty-six years ago she, along with her son, took a share of Achindrain Club Farm, on the Argyll estate, where she has resided since. Although this venerable lady farmer has seen the changes of a whole century, and has survived all but one of her family, she is still in wonderfully good health, and in full possession of all her faculties.

Dundee Courier Thursday 25 April 1901