_jobs To Do Jill

sort out files to be transferred to Museum and Friends and end All Our Stories connection.
change the About file to reflect our independance from the All Our Stories and the Museum

double check that all scotlandspeople files are downloaded - file names to include the GROS reference - add all the relevant files to timeline

transcribe all scotlandspeople files into legacy database

print all scotlandspeople records and file in folders in data order

go through all donated files and ensure all records are copied into record files and printed and filed

ensure all donated files are transcribed into legacy database

work through descendant trees on ancestry to check for missing information

upload basic database to ancestry regularly to encourage connections

transfer all data from legacy database to wiki

transfer all date from wiki to legacy database

merge any gedcoms that are donated

complete archive list of images and files with appropriate file names and tags

check sources unless accompanied by records

work on google maps to identify the places around the township - see if can get Adam to work on translating the gaelic

upload the database to The Next Generation software on the Auchindrain webspace .. if we lose access to that then we can use highlandlife.org.uk

send copies of the database to the Township regularly

collect and upload images - eg gravestones etc and put them on to gallery - at present this is flickr - through lorncommunity (Jills - and pro subscription is paid for by her for ACHDN - LORN - Ardchattan and own use) the synergy works ..
- encourage old personal images of the township to be included.
- get permission from Township to include some of theirs — may not be allowed and unlikely to see theirs online in near future.

try and get digital copy of Inveraray OPR's from Salt Lake

have lunches with Phyllis and other locals to the area - rebuilding relationships hoping to learn more from local knowledge

go to Who We Are at Cairndow and find out more about theMcCallums

establish working relationship with Inveraray Estate archives

go to local events with "old folks" in costume spinning to raise awareness and share : especially 2014 activities events

Get a scanned copy of all relevant documents in Argyll and Bute archives

meet up with descendants when they are in the area

meet up with anyone else who can help

maintain facebook for old folks

work on other facebook groups to encourage interest, find descendants, get visitors to township

work out if facebook timeline is useful — the "old folks" is a person so not "public" to anyone who does not have a facebook account. The timeline is a "page" which is open to all.

maintain wiki for old folks

maintain small area of auchindrain website for People while allowed access .. when not - send information to Rosy or whomever is in charge ..

Get a scanned copy of all relevant documents in Mitchell library

Get a scanned copy of all relevant documents in Edinburgh Archives

Get copies of recordings from local area in School of Scottish Studies.

- done -
set up google analytics

what else ?