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Auchindryan in Kilchrenan

Apparently there is “our” Auchindrain and then there is Auchindrain, Kilchrenan….. So meaning not only is there the one in Maypole but there is one near Dalavich…..
I looked at the 1688 Valuation Roll that I have for Argyle….. He is right!
In the Paroche of Kilmalieu or Glenaira - “Mr. Patrick Campbell for Cleunarie & Auchindryan Ane hudreth/ fourtie three pounds four shilling eight pennies in brevi”
In Kilchrennan Paroche Comprehending Dalavich
“Lady Ardnamurchan for Auchindryan threttie nyne pounds tuo shill: 2d”

The people who lived in Ardchonnel and Dalavich