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Notes from conversation snippets at Furnace Gala - 31st August 2013

need to go back with recorder , quiet and focused

Eddie Mccallum 4 - used to go to Furnace School from Auchindrain - on the Glasgow Bus to and from the township
from the age of 5 years old - He would have to wait by the roadside for the bus and be dropped off on the way home

Book to look for : One Mans Story - Jimmy Sinclair ?? — story of his war

Furnace School Project : Ally Robertson - school email is ku.hcs.etub-llygra.ecanruf|seiriuqne#ku.hcs.etub-llygra.ecanruf|seiriuqne
has school rolls and books . not a lot of names

make copies of Jimmy Sinclair (he is not on the EWL tapes ) / Chatty MArtin tapes — ? has Duncan Beaton got them (no - think I am the only one who was given a copy) ? school Project ? Mungo Sinclair (no relation to the Sinclair's of Auchindrain other than Duncan Sinclair working for him)

Neil A McGougan
Cally Munro - was captain of Furnace Shinty Team - in 1923 they won the Camanachd Cup
Alec Campbell (across from the Shop) has the local shinty archive
his father was Captain when Furnace won (?date) he then defected to Inveraray - and won 3 more times there.

Donald "Rick" Munro
don't know why he was called "Rick".
"The Green" … was next to the Baptist Church — now called Lilybank
Other names associated with the shop : need to know the order and more about this shop
McKellar Bakers — Dougie Turner - - Dan McArthur / McKellar
(In the papers from Phyllis are transcribed lists of customers )

1842 Portandrian (?Sp) township on other side of Loch Fyne
had cholera (plague) outbreak - the community removed to a line of cottages as fishing village
can still see old ruins and quern

James Jepson 01499 500218
has the archive of the Combined TRaining centre - Combined Operation Association
all at his house now
Cameronian House, Furnace
something about Furnace Fusilliers — volunteers - training
need to search for names
offered help with HLF funding for research and transcribing (send Lynda Syed the details)

was Eddie (1) illegitimate
over the Strath to Glen Fyne from towards Crianlarich
there are McCallums @ Kirkton Graveyard
the first grave you come to at Glenfalloch is an Edward McCallum
came from Ben Glas, next door to Drovers Inn in 1700's
same area as battle - Bruce beaten by MacDougalls - 1306 at Tyndrum - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Dalrigh
?known as Breadalbane McCallums
are these connected to TAynult and somewhere south Oban - Strontollier

The name Ivor associated with Druimnamulach ?Glenfyne
Acharier - where are these places?

Eddie McCallum 1800 - associated with Victoria McKinnon from SKye — not sure what this is

Mungo Sinclair — son of Jimmy Sinclair (Ted Lollis visited - no relation to the Sinclair's of Auchindrain…. see above)

Wolf Stone Clachan mhadaidh
Fox stone Clach an bhattan
opposite the historic bridge
used to be a school there until the 20th century
reportedly very cold - Willie Drew
kids used to go to Creggans SChool for Christmas party
this was run by Lady Victoria - daughter of Duke of Argyll

need to identify the schools all around
Kenmore douglas waster furnace Creggans
not uncommon for 5-6 year old to walk 4 miles