About Glenaray folk

The Communty of Glenaray is a community One Place Study bringing together the work of local historians and descendants from all across the globe to explore the lives and history of the People of the Townships of Glenaray : Clonary, Killean, Auchnagoul, Auchindrain, Braleckan, Craleckan, Auchintibbert, down into Furnace.
Previous research over the past decades has illustrated that the stories that the families have to tell, across the decades, will be the key to understanding the dynamics of the population of the Township, including how Auchnagoul and Auchindrain survived for so long when all others around Argyll and the Highlands were lost.

Over the past decades descendants and local historians have done many hundreds of hours of research to learn about their families, their connections to the townships, and what happened to them before and after their time living in the glen.
With the wonders of the Internet we are finally able to bring all that work together, into one place, to share with each other and with anyone else who is interesting.
We can begin to explore the detail of who lived here, was born, died, lived and loved.
Where did people came from, where did they go to?
How did the communities around affect them?

There is so much to learn : we are just starting the journey to bring together old research, new sources, family histories that descendants have collected, records, images and lore.

This website is a collaborative wiki …. if you can contribute anything, ancient or modern, we would love to hear from you.
We have so much to learn from each other : people with personal knowledge, and people with professional expertise.

We would love to hear from anyone who wants to help.
All comments, corrections, additions and ideas are very welcome.

Join the Glenaray Folk on facebook for updates on activities, information on the research, and other heritage news and ideas..
For all its flaws, facebook such an amazing place to connect with people : it has already connected up with some wonderful descendants and fascinating people, locally and globally. So looking forward to meeting more.

We are working on a wonderful software package from The Next Generation to convert the genealogical data to a site which will give us a timeline of events, display the family trees, charts, images and more.. It is a powerful tool, which we have yet to get to grips with. If you have some expertise or experience to offer, please get in touch.