Achdn CC

Building CC is possibly a relic of the pre 1800's community.
The Langlands map of 1789 suggests that there is a crescent of buildings here, which would have been around the time that the Munro's moved into the township in the late 1700's.
It is not known if these were dwellings or farm buildings.

It is possible that the new families decided they needed better buildings, and would have used the materials from the existing buildings to make their new longhouses : building D and building H

As far as the census from 1841 have been decifered this building was not used from the mid 1800's as a dwelling, as there are no buildings referred to as being uninhabited dwellings.
Agricultural buildings are not enumerated.

It is very probable that with such a high population of community that they would have been used for farm purposes while the time, skills, energy, money and inclination was available to maintain them.