Alexander Archibald McGougan 1876 - 1948

Name: Alexander Archibald McGougan

Father: Neil McGougan

Mother: Catharine McArthur

Born: 3 Jul 1876, Auchindrain1
Baptism : not looked for this


Catherine McGougan (Abt 1858- )
Margaret McGougan 1859- )
Mary McGougan 1860- )
Duncan McGougan 1861- )
Sarah McGougan 1863- )
Isabella McGougan 1866-1946
John McGougan 1872-Bef 1953
Alexander Archibald McGougan 1876-1948

Married : Isabella MacDougall 1883 - 1925 on 18 Jun 1913, Colliebhraid, Inveraray2
Witnessed by Anne C McGugan and Donald Sinclair (not identified who these two are yet)

Children : not looked for any yet

Death: 14 Feb 1948 at Dalintart Hospital, Oban3

  • Cause of Death : Unaemiic coma
  • Burial
  • Headstone

Occupation: Mason


Auchnatraw farm
Shore Street, Inveraray
Auchnatraw Farm
Relief Land, Inveraray


  • 1881 : ACHDN 0, Achindrain

Neil McGugan Head married 1820 61 Powder Maker Argyllshire Inverary G 2
Catherine McGugan wife married 1835 46 Powder makers wife Argyllshire Glassary G
John McGugan son 1872 9 scholar Argyllshire Cumlodden G
Alexander Archibald McGugan son 1877 4 Argyllshire Cumlodden
Mary McArthur mother in law widow 1811 70
5th household from Inveraray

ACHDN 0, Achindrain

McGougan Neil Head married 1823 68 masons labourer employed Argyll Achindrain G&E
McGougan Catherine wife married 1835 56 Argyll Glasvar G&E
McGougan Duncan son unmarried 1862 29 masons labourer employed Argyll Achindrain G&E
McGougan John son unmarried 1872 19 sett maker employed Argyll Achindrain G&E
McGougan Alexander Archibald son 1877 14 scholar Argyll Achindrain G&E
McGougan Catherine granddaughter 1889 2 Argyll Achindrain
McArthur Mary mother in law widow 1807 84 formerly servant America G&E
4th household from Upper Craleckan

once he left school it looks like he joined his father and brothers working in the local quarries.

  • 1901
  • ACHDN 0, Auchindrain

Neil McGougan head married 1824 age 77 Dyke builder worker Braleckan Argyll G&E
Catherine McGougan wife married 1837 age 64 Kilmichael Argyll G&E
Isabella McGougan daughter single 1867 age 34 general servant Auchindrain Argyll G&E
John McGougan son single 1872 age 29 mason worker Auchindrain Argyll G&E
Alexander McGougan son single 1877 age 24 mason worker Auchindrain Argyll G&E
Catherine McGougan grand daughter 1889 age 12 scholar Auchindrain Argyll G&E
third house from North Craleckan, Auchindrain

The house has 2 rooms with one or more windows

His father became too infirm to keep the croft, and left between 1901 and 1905.
We do not know whether any of the family applied to stay at Auchindrain but they were not successful.

Achnatraw, Glenaray4

Lauchlan McDougall Head 56 Shepherd Kilmodan
Mary McDougall Wife 66 Kilmorich
Mary McDougall Daur 32 Kilmorich
Isabella McDougall Daur 27 Kilmorich
Duncan Sinclair lodger 33 Mason House Builder Cumlodden
Alex A. MacGougan lodger 34 Mason Cumlodden
James Sinclair lodger 24 Jointer Cumlodden

in 1913 he is living at Shore Street, Inveraray when he gets married to Isabella McDougall, of the family he was lodging with a couple of years earlier.

At some point they move back to Auchnatraw Farm, which is just along the shore of Loch Fyne, beyond the wee bridge, towards Glasgow and take over

In 1936 he is described as a "joint farmer" at Auchnatrah, on his wife's death certificate.

At some point he had to give up the farm, as his address was given as Relief Land, Inveraray in 1948.



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