Alexander Munro 1763 -

From the IGI
Dalhenna christening: 02 Nov 1763
parents: Archibald Munro, Christens Mckellar

Moved to Auchindrain between 1763 and 1778
The family was living (and a tenant) at the Township for the Duke of Argyll Census 1779

DF's notes give us an Alexander Munro marrying Betsy McCosham in 1790 and the family then lived in Auchindrain.
HIS Alexander was born 24 Jul 1768 in Inveraray Parish, son of Duncan Munro and Mary Stewart.
We need to check why it is this family who marries the McCosham's.
The children's names would support it being Archibald and Christian's son. The first girl is Catherine after Betsy's mother, the second girl is Christian. There are also other family names including Annie.

Nanny Munro - Annie - 1761
Alexander Munro 1763
Margaret Munro 1766
Mary Munro 1766
Janet Munro 1768
Duncan Munro 1773