Archibald Buchanan Dixon Urquhart 1865 - 1941

Name: Archibald Buchanan Dixon Urquhart

Father: Andrew Burley Urquhart, Journeyman House Joiner

Mother: Mary Reid

Born: 1865, England



  1. (Widower at time of marriage to Bessie C. Martin in 1899)
  2. 2 Jun 1899, Gymnasium Hall, Hozier Street, Partick to Bessie Campbell Martin1

Wittnesses: Thomas Hayes & Mary Ross


Death: 10 August 1941, Post Office Building, Furnace7

  • Cause of Death: Epithelioma of Tongue, as cert by W.P. Gracie MB Ch B.
  • Burial: Killevin Cemetery, Crarae
  • Headstone

Occupation: Journeyman House Joiner / Mason


5 Rosevale Street, Partick (1899)


  • 1871
  • 1881
  • 1891
  • 1901
  • 1911

4 Kennedy Drive, Glasgow Partick8
Only Bessie speaks Gaelic & English
2 rooms with 1 or more windows.

Name Rel. Age Con yrs Ttl Chd Liv Chd Occupation Industry E/W/OA at home Born
Arch. Urquhart Head 46 Mar Mason England
Bessie Urquhart Wife 41 Mar 11 4 4 Argyllshire
Morag Urquhart Daur 9 School Lanarkshire
Mary Urquhart Daur 8 School Lanarkshire
Maggie Urquhart Daur 6 School Lanarkshire
Johanan Urquhart Daur 3 School Lanarkshire


Archie was the Partick Thistle Football team goalie[[footnote]] Per a conversation in 1999 between Duncan Beaton and Juli Anderson [[[footnote]]


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