Archibald Campbell 9th Earl Of Argyll 1629 1685

Name Archibald Campbell
as a young man : Lord Lorne
9th Earl of Argyll

Father : Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll


Born 1629 in Dalkeith, Scotland





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Soldier : colonel of the Foot Guards

Captain of Charles II's foot life guards while the King was in Scotland;
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1653 lots of quarrels between the military chiefs of the irregular forces, and Lorne was involved in a variety of incidents including issues against his father.
1654 raiding lands in Argyll stealing cattle from his father, 8th Earl of Argyll. At one point the 8th Earl had to ask the English for a garrison to protect himself against Lorne, but the attacks continued. Lorne continued to cause trouble, maintaining a strong allegience to King Charles (in France) as a time when Cromwell was in charge of the country.
Reportedly Lady Lorne was driving out of Argyll by the English in the winter of 1654–5, since her presence there "caused the rebels to collect together".
But then he was pleading for surrender to save his family and title.
"By 8 Nov. Monck had ‘bound Lorne in 5,000l. as good security as could be had in Scotland, Lorne promising to live peaceably; and garrisons were admitted at Lochaber and Dunstaffnage to see that his promises were kept".1
The following years were volatile, he was imprisoned in 1657 and a strange accident involving stray bullets seriously injuring his head left him affected for the rest of his life.
He was released several years later remaining living at Edinburgh Castle.

His father was executed in 1661 for treason, and the Earldom was dissolved.
It was reinstated with Archibald becoming 9th Earl of Argyll in 1663
He was also elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in October 1663



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