Archibald Sinclair

Sheriff Court of Argyll: Processes of Removing 1702 - 1770(compiled by Frank Bigwood)

Explanatory note: The legal basis for the process of removing lay in the act of the Scottish Parliament in 1555, which was modified in the 18th century by an act of Sederunt, (of the Court of Session of 1756). A tenant was entitled to continue possession after expiry of his tack on a yearly basis until removed. Pre-1756, it required a precept of warning published 40 days before Whitsun, delivered personally to the tenant and published in the parish church. Post-1756, a court action sufficed. It is probable that landlords used these procedures to enforce payment of rent, which may be the reason some tenants appear in court records in many different years.

1765 - 1766
Pg 78. - John Fisher, merchant in Inveraray agt tenants of Auchindrain
Archibald Sinclair …2 Apr 1765

Pg 84. - James Campbell, agt tenants in Clenary and Auchindryen
Archibald Sinclair, tailor, tenant of the croft of Auchindryen, 21 Mar 1766