Archibald Sinclair 1776 - 1864

Name: Archibald Sinclair

Father: John Sinclair

Mother: Christian McCossom

Born: 4 Dec 1776, Auchindrain1
Baptism: 4 Dec 1776, Auchindrain

Married: 20 Dec 1821, Glenary Parish to Isabella Campbell


Death: 28 Jul 1864, Auchindrain3

  • Cause: Retention of Urine accompanied with General debility, 14 days, as certified by Arch. Campbell, L.F.P.S.& L.M.
  • Informant:
  • Burial:
  • Headstone:

Occupation: Herring Fisher / Tenant Farmer

Duke of Argyll Census 1779 - family recorded, but NOT a tenant.

John Sinclair 36
Christian Sinclair his wife 38
Donald Sinclair their son 6
Archibald Sinclair their son 3
John Sinclair their son 1

Probable Link:

VICE ADMIRAL COURT OF ARGYLL 1685-1825 by Frank Bigwood
Pg 70
– Petition: Alexander Munro

Alexander Munro in Auchnagoul, Archibald Sinclair in Auchindrain [ID2175], and Archibald MacViccar in Kenmore, who were currently fishing for herring in Loch Fyne, complained that the Princess of Wales of Campbeltown had sailed through their nets and damaged them to the extent of £8 10s. They asked that William Wallace, master of the vessel, be summoned. William Wallace denied the damage but the fishermen claimed that he had sailed back and forward across their nets. The Admiral Depute allowed a proof. No further proceedings recorded 18 Jul 1804.


1841 Census

Sinclair Archibald M 65 1776 Tenant Argyllshire
Sinclair Isabel F 44 1797 Argyllshire
Sinclair Donald M 14 1827 Argyllshire
Sinclair Archibald M 12 1829 Argyllshire
Sinclair Duncan M 10 1831 Argyllshire
Sinclair Sarah F 2 1839 Argyllshire
Campbell Mary F 3 1838 Lodger Argyllshire

1851 Census

Archibald Sinclair Head Mar M 72 1779 Farmer Argyll, Inveraray
Bell Sinclair Wife Mar F 54 1797 Farmers wife Argyll, Inveraray
John Sinclair Son Unmarried M 27 1824 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Archibald Sinclair Son Unmarried M 22 1829 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Duncan Sinclair Son Unmarried M 19 1832 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Sarah Sinclair Daug Unmarried F 12 1839 Farmers Daug Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McArthur Servant Unmarried F 18 1833 House servant Dunbarton, Rue

1861 Census
2 room with windows

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Archibald Sinclair Head Widr 85 Farmer of 10 acres Inveraray
John Sinclair Son Un 37 Mason Inveraray
Donald Sinclair Son Un 34 Ploughman Inveraray
Sarah Munro Daur Mar 22 Inveraray
Isabella Munro Gran Daur 2 mo Inveraray
Margaret Livingston Serv. Un 17 Domestic Servant Kilchrenan