Auchindrain Loch Awe Argyll

In searching for our Township, one comes across references to other Auchindrain's.
By recording them here, we can avoid doubt and confusion as to where we are talking about.
Other Auchindrains : Auchindrain Inveraray ; Auchindrain, Maypole, Ayrshire : Auchindrain, Ullapool : Auchindrain, Loch Awe, Argyll : Auchindrain, Kintyre, Argyll

From "Origines Parochiales Scotiae" Vol 2 part 1 pp 85-90 (thanks to Frances Dunlop)

In 1509, Ewne (sic) Maccorquodill of Edderlin was served heir to his father Ewne Maccorquodill of Phantelans, in the lands of Auchindrayne (Ach-an-draighinn), in the earldom and sheriffdom of Argyll.

In 1518, King James V confirmed to Ewen Maccorquodill, the son of the deceased Ewen Maccorquodill, the one markland of Acheindrien in the lordship of Ergile.

In 1542 the same King granted to Malcolm Makcorkill, the son and apparent heir of Ewen Makcorkill of Fantelen, with remainder in succession to his brothers Duncan and Lauchlan, and to Malcom’s heirs whomsoever, the same markland of Auchindryne, and the four marklands of Auchinthra, in the lordship of Lochow, which Ewen Makcorkill had resigned.

In 1556, Auchindryne, of the old extent of one mark, was resigned by Duncan M’Corkatill of Fantelane, and granted by Queen Mary to Archibald, Earl of Ergile.

1688 Valuation Roll

In Kilchrennan Paroche Comprehending Dalavich
“Lady Ardnamurchan for Auchindryan threttie nyne pounds tuo shill: 2d”

Inveraray Sheriff Court, Commissioners of Supply for Argyll
Documents relating to the Valuation Roll of 1688
NAS SC54/20/8/4/4

Rental of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Campbell 18/8/1687
Lands of Barbreck in the parish of Inishael and Auchindryen
and Polinduich which are said to be in the parish of Kilchrenan.
Mentions rental of croft in Achindrain with yearly rent of £32.

A list of fencible men between 16-60 in various parishes in Argyll as given up on 26th May 1692

My Lord Argyll's property in the parish of Kicrenan

  • John McArthor
  • Donald Argadich