Barvrack - according to Rennie Owan, stands on a little shelf of ground south of Inveraray and above the Lochgilphead road. Rae MacGregor and her husband Peter believe this is the old township, now ruins, that gave Neil Munro inspiration to sit Half-Town on the Inveraray side of Loch Fyne in his short-story "The Lost Pibroch".1 Owan shares that Rae McGregor told him that Barvrack was one of three townships that were dairies for the Castle.

Mr. Duncan Beaton, who lives in Houston, Renfrewshire, and who is distantly related to Neil Munro, has pursued scholarly studies into the history of the Munros of lochyneside and generously permitted me to draw on some of his researches.

These show a Martin Munro living there in 1685, and the township was also inhabited by MacVicars from the 12th century, then MacIneskers, Munros, McIvor Campbells and MacClerichs…One Munro family moved from there to Auchindrain."".2