Bessie Campbell Martin 1864 - 1942

Name: Betsy Martin

AKA: Bessie Campbell Martin or Urquhart

Father: Robert Martin

Mother: Sarah Campbell

Born: 13 May 1864, Cumlodden1


Donald Martin b. 18 Sep 1858, Sandhole, Furnace2
Margaret Martin b. 7 Jan 1860, Sandhole, Furnace3
Catherine Martin b. 3 Jan 1862, Sandhole, Furnace4
Duncan Martin b. 5 Jul 1867, Goatfield, Furnace5
Alexander Martin b. 12 Apr 1870, Goatfield, Furnace6
Robert Martin b. 1 Dec 1872, Goatfield, Furnace7
Duncan Martin b. 23 March 1876, Goatfield, Furnace8

Married: 2 Jun 1899, Gymnasium Hall, Hozier Street, Glasgow Partick to Archibald Buchanan Dixon Urquhart9
Wittnesses: Thomas Hayes & Mary Ross


Morag Campbell Urquhart b. 31 Jul 1901, 29 Rosevale Street, Glasgow Partick10
Mary Reid Urquhart b. 22 Aug 1902, 29 Rosevale Street, Glasgow Partick11
Margaret Martin Urquhart b. 25 Oct 1904, 29 Rosevale Street, Glasgow Partick12
Johnanna George Campbell Urquhart b. 29 Jan 1908, 21 Kennedy Drive, Glasgow Partick13
Elspeth Martin Urquhart b. 7 Oct 1911, 4 Kennedy Drive, Glasgow Partick14

Death: 2 Apr 1942, Postoffice Building, Furnace15

  • Cause of Death: Carcinoma of Pelvic Colon, as cert. by WP. Gracie, MB chB
  • Burial: Killevin Cemetery, Crarae
  • Headstone

Occupation: General Servant / Housemaid / Domestic Servant


1899 at time of Marriage: 31 Crawford Street, Partick


  • 1871

1 room with windows

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Robert Martin Head M 34 Fisherman Cumlodden
Sarah Martin Wife M 36 Inveraray
Donald Martin son Unm 12 Stone Breaker Cumlodden
Catherine Martin dau Unm 9 Scholar Cumlodden
Betsy Martin dau Unm 6 Cumlodden
Alexander Martin son Unm 1 Cumlodden
  • 1881

All speak Gaelic & English
One room with window

Robert Martin Head Mar 54 Sailor Working on Own Acct Cumlodden
Sarah Martin Wife Mar 57 Cumlodden
Donald Martin son Unm 32 Seaman Employed Cumlodden
Bessie Martin daur Unm 26 Housemaid Employed Cumlodden
Duncan Martin son Unm 15 unemployed Cumlodden
  • 1901
  • 1911

4 Kennedy Drive, Glasgow Partick18
Only Bessie speaks Gaelic & English
2 rooms with 1 or more windows.

Name Rel. Age Con yrs Ttl Chd Liv Chd Occupation Industry E/W/OA at home Born
Arch. Urquhart Head 46 Mar Mason England
Bessie Urquhart Wife 41 Mar 11 4 4 Argyllshire
Morag Urquhart Daur 9 School Lanarkshire
Mary Urquhart Daur 8 School Lanarkshire
Maggie Urquhart Daur 6 School Lanarkshire
Johanan Urquhart Daur 3 School Lanarkshire



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