Buildings of Achindrain Township

The Map opposite comes from the Auchindrain township website :
We are using the correct code for each building, each of which are what make up the "objects" of the Accredited Museum.
ACHDN is the Museum code for the listed buildings of the township of Auchindrain.
Some buildings also have a name.
Click on each link to explore who was living in each building (or any information known about its use in the community) throughout the known history.

ACHDN-A McCallum House and Byre (Eddie's House) ~~~ building A photos
ACHDN-B McCallum Barn
ACHDN-C remains of house,
ACHDN-D used to be known as McNicols house but never was, It was a Munro house, but not always same family, now known as Martin's house
ACHDN-E henhouse - "The Slate House"
ACHDN-F cartshed
ACHDN-G cottars house, lived in by a variety of people in 1800's, not all cottars -
ACHDN-DD ruin - previous dwelling
ACHDN-H Munro - this Munro family has been here longest, latterly Stoner Munro (Duncan) since 19…., then Cally Stoner
ACHDN-CC ruin - previous dwelling
ACHDN-J used to be know as McNicol barn, but was not. it is likely to be John McCallum house from mid 1840's to late 1860's when it would become second Munro Barn (Stoners since ……)
ACHDN-K Bull house x corn kiln, latterly known as the Loose Box
ACHDN-J McCosham (?from Killean clearance) seems supported
ACHDN-M Bel Pol's house - useful marker of population distribution
ACHDN-N Munro's Barn - (now Martin's Barn) seems like a long way away, more likely to be that shared by those tenants in south of township,
ACHDN-O McGougan's house, wee byre,
ACHDN-P McGougan wee barn
ACHDN-AA ? McNicol house
ACHDN-Q ruin behind the visitor centre
ACHDN-R last building of this area used
ACHDN-S long house
ACHDN-T smaller house with 2 separate areas attached?
ACHDN-U smaller dwelling? or ag building
ACHDN-V smaller ruin - what evidence of use?
ACHDN-W mixed use building last or first in Census records while used as dwelling
ACHDN-X barn, on the other side of the road
ACHDN-Y Colt house - now New House and is Y
ACHDN-Z present day visitor centre
ACHDN-BB ? another ruin - dwelling or ag? maybe lived in 1851