Catherine Luke

1871 living with Great uncle John McCallum 1800-1878 and Catherine Tait 1811-1879 at Auchindrian
John McCallum Head married 1801 70 Farmer Argyllshire Kilmorich
Catherine McCallum wife married 1810 61 Argyllshire Knapdale
Duncan McCallum nephew 1859 12 scholar Argyllshire Glassary
Catherine Luke niece 1865 6 scholar Argyllshire Kilmorich
Ann Munro servant 1855 16 domestic servant Argyllshire Inveraray
Allan McKellar servant 1858 13 farm servant Argyllshire Lochgilphead
Duncan McPhail 1855 16 shepherd Argyllshire Glassary
two child in education
3 rooms with windows

1881 living with Luke family Cuilbeg, Kilmorich (Cairndow)

image from HereWeAre project
It looks from the information on this page that Catherine may be living at Cuilbeg until 1931 but have to check this out