Catherine Tait 1810 - 1879

Name: Catherine Tait

Father: Duncan Tait

Mother: Ann McDougall

Born: 14 Jan 1810, Ashfield1, Kilmichael, North Knapdale, Argyll [[/footnote]]



  • Margaret Tait
  • William Tait
  • Colin Tait
  • Mary Tait

Married: John McCallum 1800 - 1878 on April 19, 1830, in Dalavich Parish

Children: None

Death : 13 October 1878 at McDonald's Land, Inveraray2

  • Cause of Death
  • Burial: Kilmalieu Cemetery, Inveraray
  • Gravestone: Inscription Reads: Erected By Catherine Tait in Memory of Her Beloved Husband John McCallum Farmer, Auchindrain who Died 31ST May 1878 Aged 78 Years The Above Catherine Tait Died at Auchindrain 13th Oct 1879




Achandryan at the lower end of the Township
John McCallum 40 abt 1801 Tenant
Catherine McCallum 30
Alexr McCallum 17 M.S.
Ann Gilmour 15 F.S.
Angus Campbell 9 Lodger
Bella Sinclair 4 Lodger

  • Angus Campbell was John McCallum's nephew, the son of his sister Margaret McCallum and Angus Campbell
  • Bella Sinclair is likely the niece of Catherine Tait, the daughter of her sister Margaret Tait and John Sinclair


ACHDN J Auchindrain
John McCallum 50 Head Farmer
Catherine McCallum 40 Wife
James McCallum 12 Scholar (born Kilmichael)
Mary Ferguson 16 House Servant (born Inveraray)


ACHDN J Auchindrain
John McCallum Head married 60 abt 1801 Farmer of 10 acres Argyllshire Cairndow
Catherine McCallum wife married 50 abt 1811 Argyllshire Kilmichael parish
James Dewer Nephew unmarried 18 abt 1843 shepherd Argyllshire Cairndow
Jean McCallum Niece unmarried 17 abt 1844 Domestic servant Argyllshire Kilmichael
Duncan McCallum Nephew 14 abt 1847 Scholar Argyllshire Kilmichael
One child in education
2 rooms with one or more window.

  • James Dewar is the son of John McCallum's sister Mary McCallum and Neil Dewar
  • Jean McCallum is likely the daughter of John McCallum's brother Donald
  • Duncan McCallum is likely the son of John McCallum's brother Donald


ACHDN R possibly, Auchindrain
John McCallum 70 Head Farmer
Catherine McCallum 61 Wife
Duncan McCallum 12 Nephew Scholar (born Glassary)
Catherine Luke 6 Niece Scholar (born Kilmorich)
Ann Munro 16 Servant (born Inveraray)
Allan McKellar 13 Farm Servant (born Lochgilhead)
Duncan McPhail 16 Shepherd (born Glassary)

  • Duncan McCallum is likely the nephew of Catherine Tait, the son of Mary Tait and Duncan McCallum
  • Catherine Luke is the grand niece of John McCallum, the daughter of his niece Janet Dewar and Peter Luke


Catherine Tait or MacCallum died in Inveraray on 13/10/1879.
Her husband was John MacCallum, already dead.
A will was made together on 23/2/1875 saying others will get full estate and detailed breakdown of estate for other members of family after their deaths.
On Catherine's death, full estate worth £319. 11s. 3d.
Donald MacCallum, brother of John MacCallum, received £40.
Janet Luke, or Turar (?), neice to John MacCallum, received £20.
Margaret Tait, or Mrs John Sinclair, sister to Catherine Tait or MacCallum, received £20. Margaret Sinclair, daughter to Mrs John Sinclair, received £20.
John Sinclair, butcher in Inveraray, received £20.
Mary Tait, or Mrs Duncan MacCallum, sister to Catherine Tait or MacCallum, received £20.
William Tait, brother to Catherine Tait or MacCallum, received £40.
Colin Tait, brother to Catherine Tait or MacCallum, received £20.
The children of Reverend Robert Rose (acting Trustee) received £20 to be split between them.
Any money left over was to be split equally between everyone mentioned.

made on 23 February 1875


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