Charlotte Urquhart Martin 1899 - 1989

Name: Charlotte Urquhart Martin

AKA Chatty Martin

Father: Donald Martin

Mother: Charlottle Ann Gove

Born: 16 Aug 1899 in Govan (add Cert Info)


  • James Martin

Married: Never Married

Children: No Known Issue

Died: 30 Dec 1989 at Furnace (add Cert Info)

  • Informant
  • Cause:
  • Buried: Kilninver Cemetary, Crarae in lair with her 1st cousin 1 gen removed Catherine Campbell, daughter of John Campbell and Margaret McDougall. (add headstone photo)
  • Headstone:

In loving memory of
Who died
23rd April
30th Dec.


  • 1911

The Green, Furnace1
All speak Gaelic & English but Chatty
3 rooms with windows

Name Rel. Age Con yrs Ttl Chd Liv Chd Occupation Industry E/W/OA at home Born
John Campbell Head 51 S Settmaker Granite Quarry Cumlodden
Alexander Campbell Brother 48 S Settmaker Granite Quarry Cumlodden
Catherine Campbell Sister 46 S Cumlodden
Charlotte Martin Adopted Sister 11 School Govan

She cared for John and Isabella Sinclair of Fasgaidh for many years. The Sinclair's were Chatty's second cousins 1 generation removed. (Chatty's paternal grandfather Duncan Campbell was the brother of Isabella's paternal grandmother Isabella Campbell - both children of John Campbell and Sarah (Marrion) Morrison.

At the time of Isabella's death in 1964 Chatty inherited Fasgaidh. Chatty told EWL2 that the house was too big for her so she sold it.

Chatty met EWL's grandparents in 1926 and his mother in 1930. Ted visited with her himself in '82 and in '85.

Other Records:


1964 1473 October 29 1964

Disp. by trustees of Isabella Sinclair to Charlotte Martin, Post Office Buildings, Furnace

Fasgaidh, Furnace being

I 129/1000 acres of ground described in feu to John Sinclair and another rec 26 July 1926 and

II 18/1000 acres of ground rec 13 Sept 1926 both parts of Estate of Cumlodden in Parish of Glassary