Donald Sinclair 1

Working theory is that this is actually the first marriage of Donald Sinclair, son of John Sinclair and Christian McCosham No proof to this being the case although the dates work and the naming pattern could be correct if they couple named first daughter after Donald's mother and second daughter after Margaret's mother.

Married: 26 Feb 1799, Inveraray to Margaret Walker1

Donald Sinclar and Margret Walker both in this parish gave in their names in order for proclaimation of marriage 22 Febry 1799 years and were married the 26th at Invry


Christine Sinclair b. 17 Dec 1799 and baptized 18 Dec 1799, Auchindrain2
Elizabeth Sinclair b. 23 Sep 1802 and baptized 26 Sep 1802, Auchindrain3
Catherine Sinclair b. 8 Apr, 1804 and baptized 9 Sep 1804, Auchendrainan4