Dugald Mcphaidan

There is a Donald McPhederan born in Pennymuir 17th October 1744 - Father Dugald (mother not identified)1

FH13: Rental of the Lands belonging to Dugald Clerk of Braleckan, 1752 of Auchindrayn

Archibald McIlvory pays one quarter per tack (Archibald McIlvoy)
Alexr McPhaidan & his mother pay for one quarter per tack as above £48-11-0 (Alexander McFadyen or McPhederan)
John McKellar pays for half a quarter of Tack
Alex McIlvoile** pays of tack for an other half quarter thereof £25-5-6
Dugald McPhaidan** pays for ½ a quarter of tack £25-5-6 (MacFadyen)
John McNokaird** pays for ½ a quarter of tack £25-5-6 (Sinclair)
John McPhaidan** pays for the Croft