Duke of Argyll Census 1779

Inhabitants of the Argyll Estate 1779, ed.Eric R Cregeen (Edinburgh, 1963)

Duke of Argyll Census pdf
Duke of Argyll Census Transcription partial

Over time we need to collect the entries for other townships in the glen.
This would give us a chance to find out more of the trades in the area, who the people interacted with, and how the community compares with the other clusters around.
Further afield we may be able to find other people who moved into the Township later in their lives.

total in farm = 38
8 Men
8 Women
22 Children
7 or 8 households,
It is possible that this is a walked ordered census from north to south.
Compare these families with the houses on Langlands map drawn up a few years later.
As young Peggy Monro's age is given as 4 and a half, and she was born in November it is possible to determine that the actual record was taken in May 1778.
Research on when these people were born, and where, it seems that there was a very significant change in the make up of the joint tenancy between 1767 and 1777.
This is when the three Munro families came to the Township.

Peter Campbell and his wife Isabel Ferguson, who had been living and a tenant of Auchindrian up to 1776, are NOT HERE.. Where are they?
In 1776 the Duke of Argyll bought the Township back

Archibald Monro tenant 48

  • Archibald was a fisherman in Dalhenna,
  • born about 1730

Catharine McKellar his wife 46 (Catherine's name is more often given as Christian)

  • born about 1732
  • Married 14 Jan 1761

Nanny Monro 17 (birth registration not found yet - probably Dalhenna - 1761 - Could be Anne )
Alexr. Monro 16 (born Dalhenna 1763 )
Peggy Monro 13 (Born Dalhenna 1766)
Janet Monro 8 (Born Dalhenna 1769)
Duncan Monro 5 (Born Glenshira, in Elrig 1773)
so this family must have moved into Auchindrain and taken a tenancy in the 5 years between 1773-1778

Malcolm Monro 39 born about 1738
Nelly Bell his wife 32 born about 1746 also recorded as Mary, Lilias, Lily
Duncan Monro 11 (born 1766, Sallachry)
Donald Monro 7 (born 1768 Sallachry )
Archibald Monro 6 (born 1770, Glenaray)
John Monro 3 (born 1774 Sallachry, Glenaray) -
Mary Monro 2 (born 1777, Strone, Glenorchy)
so this family must have moved into Auchindrain between March 1777 and May 1778
Not a tenant
Their following 2 children are born in Auchindrain

John Sinclair 36
Christian Sinclair his wife 38
Donald Sinclair their son 6
Archibald Sinclair their son 3
John Sinclair their son 1

Martin Monro tenant 40 (born abt 1738, of Killean in 1765)
Janet McViccar his wife 42 (born abt 1736, married 1765)
Archd. Monro 12 (born 1765, Killean)
Malcolm Monro 8 (born 1768, Auchindrain)
Peter Monro 7 (born 1769, Auchindrain)
John Monro 6 (born 1771, Auchindrain)
Duncan Monro 3 (born 1776, Auchindrain)
Mary Monro 11 (born 1766, Auchindrain)
Peggy Monro 4 ½ (Born Nov 1773 Auchindrain)
Nanny Monro 1 (born Sept 1778, Auchindrain)
so this family must have moved into Auchindrain between 1766 and 1768

John Monro tenant 32
Mary McArthur his wife 28
Peter Monro their son 2 Glenaray or Clunary
so this family must have moved into Auchindrain around 1777

Duncan MeVean cottar 46
Mary McCosham his wife 50
Peggy McVean 12
Christian McVean 8

Duncan Monro 55

Catharine Sinclair 56

Donald Walker 60
Betty Turner his wife 42
Duncan Walker 15
John Walker 12
Cathn. Walker 11
Mary Walker 9
Peggy Walker 5

Donald Crawford weaver 26