Duncan McCosham 1808 - 1883

Name: Duncan McCosham

AKA: Duncan McCoshen

Father: Donald McCosham

Mother: Anne Cunningham

Born: 19 Febry 1808, Auchindrain1
Baptized: 24 Febry 1808, Auchindrain


Married: 27 May 1832, Inveraray to Catherine McGilp2

Duncan McCosham in this parish & Catherine McGilp in the parish of Kilmichael Glassary gave in their names for proclamation of Marriage on the 27th May 1832 were married accordingly


  • Daniel McCosham
  • Agnes McCosham
  • Mary McCosham
  • John McCosham
  • Ann McCosham

Death: 2 Feb 1883, Poorhouse of Lochgilphead, Glassary3
Cause: Age & decay, as cert by (illegible) Surgeon
Informant: Duncan Morrison, Porter

Other Records:

Application for Parish Relief (Mitchell Library D-HEW 10/6/55 Page 89)
Dated 21 Dec 1876 12:15 P.M.

Admited by Inveraray 19th Nov 1881

Name: Duncan McCoshim
Residence: Royal Infirmary (illegible)
Birth: Inveraray Auchinana

Age 62

Disability - Fracture of arm, Dr. Walker

Wife: Mary McGillvvary died 2 years in Barrack Street. (Note: Believe this is mistake on Inspector's part- wife should be Catherine McGilp who died before 1868)

Pauper, son of Donald McCoshin a Labourer, died 41? years ago in Auchinana and Agnes Cummingham died in Barrack Street 2 years ago. (Note: Another mistake)
Names of Children not dependants: Agnes, 35 years born Greenock, married 2 children, __ Cameron, a Labourer, present residence unknown (Note: Daughter Agnes married Allan Cameron 1868 in Govan - Mary McCoshim was a witness)

See 4. 2H 395

No. of previous Applications, if any - First.

Particulars of Settlement:

In Royal Infirmary, Glasgow 1 month
Prior Wishaw 5 moths
Prior Bothwell, 1 year
Prior 76 Barrack Street, Glasgow 30 years
Poorhouse in 21st Dec 1876 6/3/77 left Poorhouse

S 48464 7/10/81 - Duncan McCoshim reapplies from Greenock, Certd. "paralysis". No Doctor - Has no friends. He was in Lochgilphead Poorhouse - 2 mos. ago. "signed H. Macdonald"

7/10/81 - Poorhouse - In - 8/11/81 Left House at O.R.
8/10/81 - Notice to Craithie - Glassary 10/10/81 - Notice to Inveraray
(illgible) 99/543 From Governor of Lochgilphead Combn. Poorhouse (to finish)