Duncan Sinclair 1831 - 1915

Name: Duncan Sinclair

Father: Archibald Sinclair

Mother: Isabella Campbell

AKA: Donnachadh Rudh (Red Duncan)1

Born: 6 June 1831 Auchindrain2
Baptism: 27 Oct 1831 Auchindrain


Died: 23 Dec 1915, Goatfield, Furnace.
Buried: Kilmalieu Cemetery, near Inveraray

Married Isabella Galbraith 8 June 1865 at Experiment, Kilmartin

Archibald Sinclair b. 6 Apr 1866, Auchindrain
Donald Sinclair b. 6 Aug 1867, Auchindrain
Mary Sinclair b. 25 Dec 1869, Auchindrain
John Sinclair b. 30 Apr 1872, Auchindrain
Isabella Sinclair b. 22 Jun 1874, Auchindrain
Duncan Sinclair b. 18 Jul 1877, Auchindrain
Sarah Sinclair b. 29 Nov 1880, Brenchollie, Glenary

Occupation: Farmer (tenant) / General Labourer / Powder Maker (1881)


  • 1841

Auchindrain : (10 house from Inveraray)

Sinclair Archibald M 65 1776 Tenant Argyllshire
Sinclair Isabel F 44 1797 Argyllshire
Sinclair Donald M 14 1827 Argyllshire
Sinclair Archibald M 12 1829 Argyllshire
Sinclair Duncan M 10 1831 Argyllshire
Sinclair Sarah F 2 1839 Argyllshire
Campbell Mary F 3 1838 Lodger Argyllshire

  • 1851

Auchindrain : (10 house from Inveraray)

Archibald Sinclair Head Mar M 72 1779 Farmer Argyll, Inveraray
Bell Sinclair Wife Mar F 54 1797 Farmers wife Argyll, Inveraray
John Sinclair Son Unmarried M 27 1824 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Archibald Sinclair Son Unmarried M 22 1829 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Duncan Sinclair Son Unmarried M 19 1832 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Sarah Sinclair Daug Unmarried F 12 1839 Farmers Daug Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McArthur Servant Unmarried F 18 1833 House servant Dunbarton, Rue

  • 1861

Where is he in 1861 ?

  • 1871

2 room with windows

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Duncan Sinclair Head Mar 39 Farmer Achindrain
Bella Sinclair Wife Mar 29 Kilmichael
Arch. Sinclair son 4 Achindrain
Mary Sinclair daur 12 mos Achindrain

1881 Census

Duncan Sinclair Head M 48 Powder Maker Achindrain
Bella Sinclair Wife M 38 Powder Maker Wife Barnakill
Archibald Sinclair son 14 Scholar Achindrain
Mary Sinclair daur 11 Scholar Achindrain
John Sinclair son 8 Scholar Achindrain
Bella Sinclair daur 6 Scholar Achindrain
Duncan Sinclair son 3 Achindrain
Sarah Sinclair daur 3m Brenchollie
  • 1911 Census

PO Square, Furnace5

Duncan Sinclair Head 80 Retired General Labourer Cumlodden
Isabella Sinclair Wife 70 Glassary
Archibald Sinclair son 44 Settmaker Granite quarries Cumlodden
John Sinclair son 38 Sett Maker Granite quarries Cumlodden
Isabella Sinclair daur 36 Cumlodden
Sarah Sinclair daur 30 Cumlodden
Mary Sinclair daur 41 Cumlodden


"My granny went from Furnace as a child to work at Auchindrain and one of her sisters went to the Sinclairs at 'no. 10'. The father Duncan, had red hair and was known as 'Donnachadh Rudh'. The little burn running below the house, the boundary between Brenchoille and Goatfield farms, is known on the maps as Abhain Dubhan ("Avon Dod-An" - the little dark burn) but locally in Furnace the old timers called it 'Donnachadh Ruadh's Burn'."[6