Duncan Sinclair 1877 -

Father: Duncan Sinclair

Mother: Isabella Galbraith.

Born: 18 Jul 1877 , Auchindrain

Died: Abt 1955.

Never Married. No known issue.

Occupation: Stone Mason with Mungo Sinclair & Son, Builders of Furnace.


1881 Census

Duncan Sinclair Head M 48 Powder Maker Achindrain
Bella Sinclair Wife M 38 Powder Maker Wife Barnakill
Archibald Sinclair son 14 Scholar Achindrain
Mary Sinclair daur 11 Scholar Achindrain
John Sinclair son 8 Scholar Achindrain
Bella Sinclair daur 6 Scholar Achindrain
Duncan Sinclair son 3 Achindrain
Sarah Sinclair daur 3m Brenchollie

1911 Census
Achnatraw, Glenaray2

Lauchlan McDougall Head 56 Shepherd Kilmodan
Mary McDougall Wife 66 Kilmorich
Mary McDougall Daur 32 Kilmorich
Isabella McDougall Daur 27 Kilmorich
Duncan Sinclair lodger 33 Mason House Builder Cumlodden
Alex A. MacGougan lodger 34 Mason Cumlodden
James Sinclair lodger 24 Jointer Cumlodden


"He worked to a great age and went blind after he retired."3