Produce in the 1790's1

- Corn, hay and potatoes, are the principal crops raised in this parish, the soil, in general, being too wet for barley. The climate and soil seem well adapted to the cultivation of turnips, as the fly and droughts, which are so unfriendly to this plant in other countries, are unknown here. The grain raise in the parish is, by no means sufficient for the consumption of the inhabitants. The town and parish are chiefly supplied with meal from the Clyde, Dumfries, or Ireland; and there are annually imported, from 8000 to 10.000 bolls, part of which is carried to some of the neighbouring parishes. Meat, in general, is as high priced here as in any part of the kingdom.

//There are no regular markets in the parish for butchers meat, poultry or milk. This inconvenience is the less felt, in consequence of the accommodations, which most of the principal inhabitants of Inveraray enjoy, by their having low rented farms from the Duke of Argyll. From the farm of Stronshira also, it is intended to supply the town with milk and butcher's meat.
(follows the costs of meat etc and the wages of labourers) to be transcribed //