This was the nearest centre of population to Auchindrain so will have been important for many reasons over the decades and centuries.
Formerly known as Inverleacainn

there is a growing collection of historical resources written by Duncan Beaton on http://www.furnace-argyll.org/history.html

It was a port, with boats coming in all the time, bringing provisions.
It was also a centre for employment with the Furnace ironworks Powder Works and quarries

Donald Munro 1881 - 1959 was the Grocer at The Green for many decades from the late 1800's.
His widowed father Malcolm Munro 1847 - 1923 joined him by the 1911 census, probably having to leave Auchindrain after his mother died in 1908

This was the site of the school in the latter part of the 1800's

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The route is still part of the Leaccan Walk.
Juli has photos from June 2013 visit

Furnace school