From the very beginning of the work on the People of Auchindrain during the huge Conservation Management Plan [CMP]we have used Legacy Family Tree software to store and sort the data.
The CMP covered a vast array of topics, with the People research being targeted on, and limited to, how it could inform the understanding of the buildings.
The small amount of research simply illustrated how much there was to learn, and the connections made while reaching out to the diaspora for greater understanding, showed how many people were interested, especially the descendants.

The Legacy software creates a gedcom .. one of the universal ways to share genealogical databases and this has been used to populate some very powerful software which allows us to share the information online.. it will create family trees, charts, a timeline and more.
Click on the link to explore .. please bear in mind this will always be work in progress.. there may will be errors and we would be delighted to hear when you spot any.
The Genealogy of the People of Auchindrain
If you have a gedcom of families that connect to the People of Auchindrain that you would be prepared to share with us, that would be wonderful.