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Hearth tax, 1691-1695 http://www.nas.gov.uk/guides/taxation.asp
In 1690 Parliament granted a tax of 14 shillings on every hearth in the kingdom payable by both landowners and tenants to raise money for the army. Only hospitals and the poor living on charity from the parish were exempt. There were huge difficulties in collecting the tax, particularly in highland or remote areas. Collection dragged on for several years until August 1694 when a proclamation called for all hearth lists to be sent to the treasury before 1 October.
As a source, the hearth lists (NAS ref. E69) must be used with caution. The records are generally arranged by county and parish and may give the number of hearths in the parish, the names of the occupiers or owners of the houses and the number and names of exempt poor. However some lists, such as those for parishes in Glasgow, give only the total number of hearths and money collected, while those for Inverness-shire give the total number of hearths headed by the name of the heritor and the names of the individual poor. The standard of accuracy also varies from list to list.

The Hearth Tax Roll for Argyll was taken in 1691 but not handed in until 16941

what we need to learn is how the number of hearths related to the number of dwellings in a settlement - it sounds like this is an account of every dwelling, which means Auchindrain was only 4 house at this time.

transcribed by JA w/ notes from DB : MS / JB
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Historical Tax Rolls » Hearth tax records 1691-1695 » Hearth tax records for Argyll and Buteshire

E69/3/1/24 Tullich via ACHDN to Inveraray
E69/3/1/25 Inveraray and beyond

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coming down Glen Aray

John Munro
Patrick Munro
Martin Munro
(and others)



not so sure of the next one




South Ballintyre

North Ballintyre

Arknibsort ??




Allxr Campbell 1 (Alexander)
Nibn Mc? 1 (DB - Niven McVicar)
Ard Clark 1 (Archibald)
Duncan McCossam 1 (McCosham)
John McNokard 1 (Sinclair)
Donald McCossam 1 (McCosham)


Mr. Patrick (?) 1 (DB - 1633 - 1700 Minister)

Arkindroan (Achindrean)2

Allexr Crawford 1 (modern = Alexander)
John Crawford 1
Ard Gillish 1 (?modern=Gillies - forename? Archibald?)
Marie NcNokeard 1 (modern = Sinclair)


Donald McIlmaluag 1 (what is this now ? found but not explained on http://web.archive.org/web/20091122170522/http://www.scotsfind.org/databases_free/surnames.pdf BTW I read the name as McIlmalnag on my copy with notes from DB who didn't indicate what this was!)
Neill McNokeard 1
Duncan Clark 1
John McNokeard 1 Sinclair


Ard Clark 1

Pennismore4 - is that Penniemore ? (JB)

John Walker 1
Donald Campbell 1
Ard Campbell 1
Moro McBeran 1


Ard McCristall 1
John Campbell 1
Donald McGillona 1 (DB thinks modern is Cameron)


Janot McNilat 1 (DB McNeilage?)


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