Hugh McCosham 1839 - 1917

Name: Hugh McCosham

Father: Donald McCosham

Mother: Catherine Martin

Born: Abt. 1839 Inveraray


Married: 3 August 1860 Todlaws, Jedburgh to Susanna Millar


Death: 7 Sep 1917, The Stank, Callander, Perth2

  • Cause of Death: Syncope (illegible)
  • Informant: Hugh MacCoshim, Son, Present
  • Burial:
  • Headstone:

Occupation: Farmer

Address: Stank near Callander


  • 1851


Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Donald McCoshen Head Mar 74 Farmer Inveraray
Catherine Martin Wife U? 50 Farmer's Wife Inveraray
Hugh McCoshen son U 12 Farmer's Son Inveraray
Flora McCoshen Daught U 8 Farmer's Daught Inveraray
  • 1861
  • 1871
  • 1881

Kintraw House4

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Hugh McCoshim Head M 42 Farmer 876 Acres of Which 136 Acres Arable Inveraray
Susanna McCoshim Wife M 41 Farmers Wife Jedburgh, Roxburgh
Robert McCoshim Son U 20 Farmers Son Jedburgh, Roxburgh
Catherine McCoshim Daur U 18 Farmers Daur Jedburgh, Roxburgh
Donald McCoshim Son U 16 Farmers Son Jedburgh, Roxburgh
Susanna McCoshim Daur U 13 Scholar Glassary
Hugh McCoshim Son U 11 Scholar Glassary
Helin McCoshim Daur U 2 Kilmartin
Robert Millar Father in Law W 90 Annuitant Jedburgh, Roxburgh

499/00 002 002-003
(rest of entry to follow) - Robert is in Kilmarnock at 497/00 014 045

location Name Age
Hugh McCoshim 57
Susanna McCoshim 51
Catherine McCoshim 28
Donald McCoshim 26
Hugh McCoshim 21
Helen McCoshim 12


Have Will.

"I Hugh McCoshim, Farmer, Stank near Callander, in order to settle the succession of my means and estate after my death, Do hereby Give, Grant, Assign, Dispose, Convey and Make over to an in favor of Mrs. Susanna Millar, or McCoshim, my wife, Miss Catherine McCoshim, my eldest daughter and Hugh McCoshim, my youngest son, all residing at Stank afore said, and to the acceptors and acceptor, survivors and survivor of them as Trustees and Trustee for the ends uses and purposes aftermenioned and to the assignees of my said Trustees All and Sundry the whole means and estate heritable and moveable real and personal of every description and wheresoever situated at present belonging or which may belong to me at the time of my death, together with the whole writs, titles, vochers and instructions thereof, but in trust always for the ends uses and purposes aftermentioned namely:

In the first place in payment of all my just and lawful debts, deathbed and funeral expenses:

In the second place direct and empower my said trustees to carry on whatever farm I may be tenant of at the time of my death until the end of the lease thereof or until such time as they may be able to get quit of the farm.

In the third place so soon as convenient after my Trustees are able to give up my Farm, they shall pay and make over the following legacies namely: -

(First) to Robert McCoshim my son, the sum of one hundred pounds sterling
(Second) To Susanna McCoshim or Robertson my daughter the sum of Two hundred pounds sterling
(Third) To the said Catherine McCoshim my daughter the sum of Four hundred and fifty pounds Sterling
(Fourth) To the said Hugh McCoshim my youngest son, the sum of Five hundred and fitfty pounds Sterling, and all the implements which may be on my farm.
(Fifth) To Helen Flora McCoshim, my daughter, the sum of Four hundred pounds Sterling and
(Sixth) to Isabella McCoshim, my grand-daughter the sum of Fifty pounds Sterling:

In the fourth place after satisfying all the foregoring legacies my (etc…)

Important to note here is the absence of son Donald.who was charged with sheep stealing in 1892 and shortly after died in New York.