Isabella McGougan 1866 1946

Name : Isabella McGougan

Father : Neil McGougan

Mother : Catherine MacArthur

Born : 21 Jan 1866, Auchindrain


Married : John MacArthur - 15 December 1904, Arkland Inveraray


Death : 31st January 1946, Arkland, Inveraray

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  • 1871


Neil McGugan, Head, married, about 1819, age 52, Labourer in Powderworks, Argyllshire Braleckan
Catherine McGugan, Wife, married, about 1835, age 36, Argyllshire Kilmichael
Margaret McGugan, daughter, about 1860, age 11, North Uist
Mary McGugan, daughter, born about 1861, age 10, Argyllshire Achindrain
Duncan McGugan, son, born about 1862, age 9, Argyllshire Achindrain
Sarah McGugan, daughter, born about 1864, age 7, Argyllshire Achindrain
Isabella McGugan, daughter, born about 1866, age 5, Argyllshire Achindrain

  • 1881

Isabella is working as a Nurse for the local Minister

Revd. Peter Neil MacKichan 43 Breton (G), Cape, Minister Of Inveraray Burgh A & S
Harriet Kathleen MacKichan 26, England, Hereford
William James MacKichan 15, Lochgilphead, scholar
Dugald Neill MacKichan 14, Lochgilphead, scholar
Margaret Mary MacKichan 2, Inveraray
Archibald Ian MacKichan 6 Mo, Inveraray
Mary MacArthur 21
Isabella MacGougan 14 - Nurse
Parish: Inveraray; ED: 3; Page: 1; Line: 9; Roll: cssct1881_152.

  • 1891
  • She is not with her father at Auchindrain

This is a little confusing .. it is possible that both Sarah and Isabella are living at the Manse but that only ONE of them was enumerated. So far cannot find either of them anywhere else.

Peter N MacKichan 53 Minister of Inveraray Parish, born Cape Breton, North America
Harriet K MacKichan 36 born in England
Margaret M MacKichan 12
Archibald I MacKichan 10
Kathleen E MacKichan 9
Francis W MacKichan 6
Isabel C MacKichan 11mo
Sarah MacGugan 25 domestic Cook,
Margaret S Cameron 15
Parish: Inveraray; ED: 3; Page: 1; Line: 8; Roll: CSSCT1891_167.

  • 1901

Neil McGougan head married 1824 age 77 Dyke builder worker Braleckan Argyll G&E
Catherine McGougan wife married 1837 age 64 Kilmichael Argyll G&E
Isabella McGougan daughter single 1867 age 34 general servant Auchindrain Argyll G&E
John McGougan son single 1872 age 29 mason worker Auchindrain Argyll G&E
Alexander McGougan son single 1877 age 24 mason worker Auchindrain Argyll G&E
Catherine McGougan grand daughter 1889 age 12 scholar Auchindrain Argyll G&E

The house has 2 rooms with one or more windows
third house from North Craleckan

  • 1911



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