Isabella Munro 1879 - 1953

Name: Isabella Munro

AKA Bella Munro

Father: Malcolm Munro 1847 - 1923

Mother: Mary McCallum 1852 - 1883

Born: 19 Jan 1879, Auchindrain
baptism is not on Familysearch


Married: 24 Jun 1903, Colintraive, Argyll to John McGougan 1872 - 1924


Death: 27 June 1953, Black Lands, Inveraray

  • Cause of Death
  • Burial : Kilmalieu Burial Ground, Inveraray
  • Headstone : flickr:9384963174




Malcolm and Mary are living with Mary's parents

Edward McCallum Head married 1805 76 farmer of 20 acres arable Argyllshire Cairndow G 3
Isabella McCallum wife married 1810 71 farmers wife Argyllshire Craignish G
Edward McCallum son unmarried 1847 34 farmers son Argyllshire Inveraray G
Malcolm Munro son-in-law married 1847 34 mason Argyllshire Inveraray G
Mary Munro daughter married 1853 28 masons wife Argyllshire Inveraray G
Bella Munro granddaughter 1879 2 Argyllshire Achindrain
Donald Munro grandson 1881 7 weeks Argyllshire Achindrain
Isabella McArthur Servant 1866 15 domestic servant Argyllshire Achintibert G

between 1881 and 1891 Malcolm and Mary moved out to Black Lands, Inveraray, where their son Edward was born, but sadly Mary died a month later of Acute Peritonitis.
Malcolm returned to the township to his brother Martin's house from where he continued to work as a stonemason and where his mother could help care for the young children.

  • 1891 - ACHDN D - 2nd household from Inveraray

Munro Martin head unmarried 1858 33 farmer employer Argyll Achindrain G&E
Munro Mary mother widow 1826 65 Argyll Furnace G&E
Munro Malcolm brother widower 1848 43 mason employed Argyll Achindrain G&E
Munro Bella niece 1877 14 scholar Argyll Achindrain G&E
Munro Donald nephew 1881 10 scholar Argyll Achindrain G&E
Munro Edward nephew 1884 7 scholar Argyll Inveraray G&E
Martin Betsy servant unmarried 1876 15 general servant Argyll Goatfield G&E

All speak Gaelic & English
2 rooms with windows

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Er/W/OA Born
Mary Munro Head W 77 Furnace
Malcolm Munro son W 53 Mason Worker Achindrain
Martin Munro son S 43 Farmer Employer Achindrain
Isabella Munro Grand Dau S 22 General Servt Achindrain
Edward Munro Grand Son S 17 General Herd Inveraray
John Munro Grand Son 8 Scholar Inveraray
Agnes Forbes Visitor 11 Scholar Glasgow
  • 1911

Cross houses
their son is staying with John and Bessie McNeil (aunt and uncle) at South Hall Cottage, Inverchaolin



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