Isabella Sinclair 1874 - 1964

Father: Duncan Sinclair

Mother: Isabella Gailbraith

AKA: Bella Sinclair

Born: 22 June 1874 Auchindrain

Died: 27 Jan 1964 Fasgaidh, Furnace

Never Married. No known issue.


1881 Census

Duncan Sinclair Head M 48 Powder Maker Achindrain
Bella Sinclair Wife M 38 Powder Maker Wife Barnakill
Archibald Sinclair son 14 Scholar Achindrain
Mary Sinclair daur 11 Scholar Achindrain
John Sinclair son 8 Scholar Achindrain
Bella Sinclair daur 6 Scholar Achindrain
Duncan Sinclair son 3 Achindrain
Sarah Sinclair daur 3m Brenchollie

1911 Census
PO Square, Furnace2

Duncan Sinclair Head 80 Retired General Labourer Cumlodden
Isabella Sinclair Wife 70 Glassary
Archibald Sinclair son 44 Settmaker Granite quarries Cumlodden
John Sinclair son 38 Sett Maker Granite quarries Cumlodden
Isabella Sinclair daur 36 Cumlodden
Sarah Sinclair daur 30 Cumlodden
Mary Sinclair daur 41 Cumlodden


Bella went a little 'droll' (not surprising, considering how old she was) and used to appear at the garden hedge when we were playing football in the field behind their house. She would always ask the same thing. 'Have you seen the butcher?' In those days the butcher's van used to appear a couple of times a week from Lochgilphead.3


Disp. by trustees of Isabella Sinclair to Charlotte Martin, Post Office Buildings, Furnace

Fasgaidh, Furnace being I 129/1000 acres of ground described in feu to John Sinclair and another rec 26 July 1926 and II 18/1000 acres of ground rec 13 Sept 1926 both parts of Estate of Cumlodden in Parish of Glassary

Will registered in Books 3 Feb 1964 (Will is indexed as 25.3.1964 ref 29788) I have this and will upload/transcribe.