John McCallum 1900 - 1950

Name: John McCallum

father : Edward McCallum 1846 - 1930

mother : Mary McCallum 1869-1920

Born : 16 May 1900 at Achindrain, Cumlodden, Inveraray

John McCallum
Sixteenth May 1900,
11h, 45m AM
Auchindrain, Cumlodden
father : Edward McCallum, Farmer
mother : Mary McCallum (m.s.) McCallum
3rd December 1891, North Knapdale
registered by Mary McCallum, mother
on June 2nd at Auchindrain, signed by Edward McCallum, Registrar



Married : never married


  • Cause of Death : myocarditis and cancer of the rectum (operation)
  • Burial : Kilmalieu Burial Ground, Inveraray
  • Headstone

John McCallum
1950 October Fourth 1h 0m pm Auchindrain, Furnace
50 years old
Father : Edward MacCallum : farmer & registrar (deceased)
mother : Mary MacCallum (deceased)
cause of death : myocarditis and cancer of the rectum(operation) as acc by ? MacKenzie M.B. Ch.B
registered by Neil MacCallum (brother) present
where death took place : Gallanach, Lochgair
registered : October 5th 1950 at Cumlodden by C MacKinnon#

Occupation : farmer's son

Address ACHDN A, Achindrian,


  • 1901

Achindrain :ACHDN A - first household at Inveraray end of the township
Edward McCallum Head married 1847 54 farmer Auchindrain Argyll
Mary McCallum wife married 1869 32 Barndive Argyll
Mary Ann daughter 1893 8 scholar Auchindrain Argyll
Edward McCallum son 1895 6 scholar Auchindrain Argyll
Neil McCallum son 1897 4 Auchindrain Argyll
John McCallum son 10 mnths Auchindrain Argyll
Annie McInnes general servant 1886 15 general servant Goatfield Argyll
Census 1901 509/00 001/00 009

  • 1911
All speak Gaelic & English
3 rooms with windows
Name Rel. Age Con yrs Ttl Chd Liv Chd Occupation Industry E/W/OA at home Born
Edward McCallum Head 64 M Farmer chiefly grazier Employer Inveraray
Mary McCallum Wife 40 M 19 4 3 North Knapdale
Edward McCallum Son 16 S Farmer's Son assisting on Farm Worker Inveraray
Niel McCallum Son 14 School Inveraray
John McCallum Son 10 School Inveraray

4 Oct 2013 on facebook - 63 years ago Jock McCallum passed away, one of the last families of Auchindrain. He and his brother Eddie had been working the land all his life. Born in 1900, he was recorded as a gaelic speaker in 1911. 
As a child he was poisoned by hemlock that was on the farm, being saved by Travelling folk, who were accorded accommodation at the township. 
Jock was conscripted in WW1 but Eddie volunteered in his place as Jock had been weakened by the poisoning.


Files / certificates held and by whom.

  • Birth - yes
  • Death
  • Census 1901 509/00 001/00 009 - JA / JB
  • Census 1911 509/00 001/00 008 - JA / JB

There is an image of boys by ACHDN A in the township archive .. one of them may be Jock.