John McCosham 1733 -

Name: John McCosham

** AKA: John MacCosham**

Father: Donald McCosham

Mother: Margaret Murray

Born: 25 Nov 1733, Killean, Inveraray

Christian McCosom b. 11 Oct 1836, Inveraray

Married: 4 Dec 1770, Inveraray to Katharine Ferguson1


  • Elizabeth McCosham b. Oct 1771, Killean, Inveraray
  • Margaret McCosham b. 24 Feb 1774 Killean, Inveraray
  • Donald McCosham b. 30 Jul 1776, Killean, Inveraray
  • Duncan McCosham b. abt 1778



Inhabitants of the Argyll Estate, 1779


John McCoshan 40
Cathn. Ferguson, his wife 30
Betty McCosham } 7
Peggy McCosham } their children 5
Donald McCosham} 4
Duncan McCosham} 1


Justices of the Peace in Argyll (1686-1825) - compiled by Frank Bigwood (on CD and also held in Lochgilphead) LOCATE maybe at Mitchell or NAS?

Pg 86- Petition: The Duke of Argyll agt woodcutters

A search warrant had been granted by Neil MacGibbon of Glasvar JP to the Duke and Humphrey Graham Chamberlain of Argyll against Alexander Munro, Peter Munro, Duncan Munro son to Malcom, John Sinclair, Peter Campbell, Martin Munro and Duncan Munro tenants, and John McEoiskin in Auchindrain. The constable Donald McIntyre reported that he could not find any of the timber or bark. 31 Jul 1793