John McNicol 1836 - 1906

Name : John McNicol

Father : Duncan McNicol 1786 - 1873

Mother : Catherine McNicol abt 1793 - between 1861 - 1871

Born : 25 May 1836 at Auchindrain
Baptism : 20 June 1836

John McNicol 1779
Malcom McNicol 1782
Catherine McNicol 1784
Duncan McNicol 1786 - 1873
Nicol McNicol 1789

Married : Catherine McInnes, of Goatfield, on 23 July 18681


  1. Duncan McNicol 1869 , 13 Jan, at Auchindrain
  2. Catherine McNicol 1871 , 19 Jan, at Auchindrain
  3. John McNicol 1873 , 9 Aug, at Auchindrain
  4. Isabella McNicol 1878 at Dunoon
  5. Mary Ann McNicol 1880 at Dunoon
  6. Alexander McNicol 1882 at Dunoon

Death : 19 May 1906, at Carolina Place, Dunoon2

  • Cause of Death : Celulitis of the Heart, One Month, informant was Alexander McNicol, son
  • Burial
  • Headstone

Occupation :

  • Nickel miner
  • Granite worker
  • Quarryman


  • Auchindrain (Achindrain)
  • Hillfoot Tromers Ld : John McNicol, Catherine and family 18811
  • 15 Hillfoot road : John McNicol, Catherine and family 18912
  • Meldrums Land, Dunoon : John McNicol, Catherine and family 19013 (from FB group : might be associated with Alfred Street, William Meldrum was a granite merchant.
  • Carolina Place, Dunoon : John McNicol died 19064 (from FB group : It runs off Argyll St to George Street, locals know it as Carolina Lane)
  • Clyde Place, 104 Queen Street, Dunoon : Catherine McNicol (ms McInnes) died 1927


  • 1841

8th Household from Inveraray, Auchindrain - probably ACHDN AA
McNicol Duncan M 54 1787 Linen Weaver H.L.W Argyllshire (hand linen weaver)
McNicol Catherine F 48 1793 Argyllshire
McNicol Alexander M 22 1819 Argyllshire
McNicol Christy F 15 1826 Argyllshire
McNicol Jannet F 7 1834 Argyllshire
McNicol John M 5 1836 Argyllshire

  • 1851

8th Household from Inveraray, Auchindrain - probably ACHDN AA this is almost disappeared and is unlikely to have ever been a fully stone building.
Duncan McNicol Head Mar M 64 1787 Weaver Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McNicol Wife Mar F 58 1793 Weaver wife Argyll Kilmichael
Alexander McNicol Son unmarried M 32 1819 Labourer Argyll, Inveraray
Duncan McNicol Son unmarried M 22 1829 Labourer Argyll, Inveraray
John McNicol Son unmarried M 14 1837 Scholar Argyll, Inveraray

  • 1861

12th Household from Inveraray, Auchindrain - this may have been a move to ACHDN W a stone building, at the end of which may have been where the weavers loom had been. There is a significant "outbuilding" outline that would fit for dimensions.
Duncan McNicol Head married 74 abt 1787 Wool weaver Argyllshire Inverary
Catherine McNicol wife married 68 abt 1793 Argyllshire Kilmichael Parish
John McNicol son unmarried 24 abt 1837 miner of nicol? Argyllshire Inverary
No children in education
1 room with one or more window.

  • 1871

Duncan Mcnicol 34 Wool weaver
John Mcnicol 34 Granite Miner
Catherine Mcnicol 26 from Glassary,John's wife
Duncan Mcnicol 2
Catherine Mcnicol 2
Parish: Cumlodden; ED: 3; Page: 3; Line: 4; Roll: CSSCT1871_89.

  • 1881

Hillfoot Tromers Ld, Dunoon, Argyll
John McNicol 44 Quarryman
Catherine McNicol 35
Duncan McNicol 12 born Lochfyne
Catherine McNicol 10 born Lochfyne
John McNicol 7 born Lochfyne
Isabella McNicol 3 born Dunoon
Mary Ann McNicol 1
Parish: Dunoon and Kilmun; ED: 5; Page: 10; Line: 21;3

  • 1891

15 Hillfoot St, Dunoon, Argyll
John McNicol 54 Quarryman
Catherine McNicol 45
John McNicol 17 - no occupation
Bella McNicol 13
Mary A McNicol 11
Alexander McNicol 9
Parish: Dunoon and Kilmun; ED: 6; Page: 36; Line: 22; Roll: CSSCT1891_166.

  • 1901

Meldrums Land, Dunoon (William Meldrum was a Quarry owner4
John McNicol 64 Labourer
Catherine McNicol 54
John McNicol 24 born Inveraray
Mary A McNicol 21 born Dunoon
Alexr McNicol 19
Parish: Dunoon and Kilmun; ED: 8; Page: 26; Line: 20; Roll: CSSCT1901_178.

  • 1911

may 1885 Record from Dunoon Hospital
From the Argyll and Bute Archives - Dunoon District Cottage Hospital's "Admission Register and Journal" for 1885 to 1896

This week's image is from Dunoon District Cottage Hospital's "Admission Register and Journal" for 1885 to 1896. Not many of these journals survive (this is the only example held by Argyll and Bute Council Archives) which is a great pity as they are very interesting for both the family history researcher and for anyone with an interest in either medical or social history. For example, one woman was prescribed whisky to build her up!

This entry describes what happened to John McNicol, a labourer aged 50 who lived in Hillfoot Street, Dunoon:

"Admitted April 9. While working at the bottom of a deep drain the side gave way and buried the patient up to the neck. It was fully an hour before he could be extracted. On admission it was found that there was a simple commuted fracture of the left humerus and a commuted fracture of the left clavicle, while there was severe bruising of the whole of his body. The patient was suffering considerably from shock.

"The arm and clavicle were set in the usual way and suitable splints applied.

"2 oz. Brandy was given.

"April 14th Going on well. Fair union taking place.

"May 2. All going on well. There is considerable riding of the two ends of the clavicle but exact apposition has been found impossible owing to the fracture of the Humerus.

"13. Splints removed. Good union of Humerus - clavicle fairly well united tho' not entirely so. The arm was put up as for fracture of the clavicle.

"Discharged May 13 1885.


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