John Morrison 1838 - 1910

Name: John Morrison

Father: John Morrison

Mother: Ann Munro

Born: 23 Nov 1838, Salachry, near Inveraray1


Died: 17 Sep 1910, Salachary, Glenary

Married: 29 Dec 1891, Salachary, Glenary, to Jessie Sinclair6
Witnesses: John Morrison and Margaret Isabella Bain


Mary Morrison b. 1893, Glenary
John Morrison b. 1895, Glenary
Annie Morrison b. 1898, Glenary
Donald Morrison b. 1902, Salachary, near Inveraray
Jessie Morrison b. 1903, Inveraray
Donald Sinclair Morrison b. 6 Oct 1906, Salachary, near Inveraray
Duncan Dugald Morrison b. 18 Mar 1909, Salachary, near Inveraray7




Salachary, Glenaray


  • 1841


Name Age Occupation Born
Alexander Morrison 80 Farmer Argyll
Mary Morrison 70 Argyll
John Morrison 35 Argyll
Ann Morrison 30 Argyll
Alexander Morrison 4 Argyll
John Morrison 2 Argyll
Dugald Morrison 1 Argyll
Alexander Morrison 15 MS Argyll
Duncan Brian 15 MS Argyll
Mary Campbell 15 FS Argyll
  • 1851
  • 1861
  • 1871

3 rooms with a window

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
John Morrison Head Mar 68 Farmer Of 216 Ac 10 ac Arable Inveraray
Ann Morrison Wife Mar 60 Farmer's Wife Kilmartin
John Morrison Son Unm 32 Farmer's Son Inveraray
Annie Morrison Grand Dau 4 Glasgow
Mary Fisher Visitor Mar 26 Shepherd's Wife Inveraray
  • 1881
  • 1891

Salachry, Glenaray Road10
All speak Gaelic & English
5 rooms with a window

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Er/Ed/OA Born
Ann Morrison Head W 84 Farmer's Widow Kilmartin
John Morrison Son Unm 51 Farmer Employer Glenaray
Alexander Morrison Son Widr 53 Farm Servant Employed Dalavich
Annie Morrison Grand Dau Unm 28 Housekeeper Glasgow
John Morrison Grand Son 18 Farm Servant Employed Glasgow
Jessie McIntyre Grand Dau 11 Scholar Glasgow
  • 1901

All speak Gaelic & English, but young John & Annie Morrison, & John Leitch
John Sinclair is indicated to be a Lunatic (son of Malcolm Sinclair and Isabella Thompson)
6 rooms with windows

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Er/W/OA Born
John Morrison Head M 63 Grazing Farmer Employer Glenaray
Jessie Morrison Wife M 31 Strachur
Mary Morrison Daur 7 At School Glenaray
John Morrison Son 6 At School Glenaray
Annie Morrison Daur 2 Glenaray
Annie Morrison Mother W 93 Kilmartin
Jessie McIntyre Niece S 22 Glasgow
John Leitch Servant S 25 Farm Servant Worker Glasgow
John Sinclair Boarder S 54 Inveraray