John Sinclair 1822 - 1891

Name: John Sinclair

Father: Archibald Sinclair

Mother: Isobella Campbell

Born: 11 Oct 1822, Auchindrain


Died: 22 Nov 1891, 31 Low John Street, Dunoon

Burial: Dunoon Cemetery, Dunoon

Never Married. No known issue.

Occupation: Mason


  • 1841

not with family

  • 1851


Archibald Sinclair Head Mar M 72 1779 Farmer Argyll, Inveraray
Bell Sinclair Wife Mar F 54 1797 Farmers wife Argyll, Inveraray
John Sinclair Son Unmarried M 27 1824 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Archibald Sinclair Son Unmarried M 22 1829 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Duncan Sinclair Son Unmarried M 19 1832 Farmers son Argyll, Inveraray
Sarah Sinclair Daug Unmarried F 12 1839 Farmers Daug Argyll, Inveraray
Catherine McArthur Servant Unmarried F 18 1833 House servant Dunbarton, Rue

  • 1861

2 room with windows

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Archibald Sinclair Head Widr 85 Farmer of 10 acres Inveraray
John Sinclair Son Un 37 Mason Inveraray
Donald Sinclair Son Un 34 Ploughman Inveraray
Sarah Munro Daur Mar 22 Inveraray
Isabella Munro Gran Daur 2 mo Inveraray
Margaret Livingston Serv. Un 17 Domestic Servant Kilchrenan
  • 1871

Cross Houses4
2 rooms with a window

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Archibald Sinclair Head Mar 41 Mason Inveraray
Ann Sinclair Wife Mar 33 Mason's Wife Kilchrenan
Isabella Sinclair Daur Unm 12 Scholar Inveraray
Mary Sinclair Daur 10 Scholar Inveraray
Robert Sinclair Son 4 Inveraray
Archibald Sinclair Son 1 Inveraray
Mary McVean Mother in law Mar 63 Muckair
John Sinclair Lodger Unm 47 Mason Inveraray