Johnanna George Campbell Urquhart 1908

Name: Johnanna George Campbell Urquhart

Father: Archibald Buchanan Dixon Urquhart

Mother: Bessie Martin Campbell

Born: 29 January 1908, 21 Kennedy Drive, Glasgow Partick

Siblings :

Married: 28 March 1933, 407 Dunbarton Road, Glasgow Partick to David Soutar Kermack Craig5
Witnesses: Neil Gelston 21 Springbank Street, Glasgow & Elspeth Martin Urquhart, 18 Kennoway Drive, Partick


  • Archibald Dixon Craig
  • Gordon Craig


  • Cause of Death
  • Burial
  • Headstone

Occupation: Children's Nurse (1933)



  • 1911

4 Kennedy Drive, Glasgow Partick6
Only Bessie speaks Gaelic & English
2 rooms with 1 or more windows.

Name Rel. Age Con yrs Ttl Chd Liv Chd Occupation Industry E/W/OA at home Born
Arch. Urquhart Head 46 Mar Mason England
Bessie Urquhart Wife 41 Mar 11 4 4 Argyllshire
Morag Urquhart Daur 9 School Lanarkshire
Mary Urquhart Daur 8 School Lanarkshire
Maggie Urquhart Daur 6 School Lanarkshire
Johanan Urquhart Daur 3 School Lanarkshire



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