Kenmore Village

This is just me thinking out loud working out how the history of Kenmore impacted Auchindrain after reading the late Val McGlashan's "Kenmore Village - A Brief History".

"The first reference to Kenmore so far discovered is in the 29th Vol. of the Sasines of Argyll under.

3rd Nov. 1630 …… Sasine of the life rent of the 3 merklands of Pennymore (namely the 1 mkl called Kendmere occupied by Donald McPhatrick V'Nachtan and the 2 mkls of the same occupied by Duncan McNeil VcNockaird and his sons) in Glenaray, given by Alexander McIver, alias Campbell of Pennymore, to his wife in implement of their marriage contract Dated Kilmolew 22 March 1634…."

So Pennymore and Kenmore were connected. Does this impact the movements of the missing Campbells as they have a tie to Pennymore and eventually Kenmore….

Val goes on to state that in the 5th Duke of Argyll's "Instructions to his Chamberlain" there are details of the building of Kenmore dated 1771.

"You are to accept of the inhabitants of Inveraray, those that are fit to be settlers in that village, every two of them to have a house, two cows grass and two acres of land which they are bound to carry on in a proper and regular manner of the Improvement scheme of which, and other conditions to which they are bound, particularly being obliged to settle in a regular manner, cut certain quantities of peat for firing and to bound to give up their possessions at a months warning upon being convicted of cutting or felling any of my woods. The rent of each tenant to be £1 sterling for the first seven years, their wives and children to be bound to spin wool for payment to the factory.

We should be looking to see if we can learn of any other "improvement" schemes the Duke may have had for the other surrounding townships at this time.

According to Val, "The Chamberlains reply stated that 14 of the houses had been built, 11 of them nearly thatched with heather, 8 families were living their besides the mason but only 4 of them from Inveraray."

So where did the families come from? By Inveraray, I am assuming the town proper is indicated, not the surrounding Glenaray. Interesting to know and helpful in understanding the atmosphere in the area.

According to the "Inhabitants of Argyll Estate, 1779" there were 60 people, about 15 families, living at Kenmore. None of which are our missing Campbells. (Penimore appears to have two families at this time). Val indicates that the number of tenants flucuated. In 1810 there were 17 tenants and in 1860 only 6. The number is back to 16 in 1875 and down to 5 in 1919.

Other hightlights to consider from Val's work include:

A fire occured in the spring of 1786 burnt homes in Kenmore - were familes displaced during period of rebuilding? Could this impact the folks at Auchindrain? Did they help?

Did any of the Auchindrain children attend the Gaelic school in Kenmore. According to Val in 1830 there were 60 pupils. If the size of Kenmore was similar to that in 1779 - this is three times the number of ALL, not just school age, children likely living in the village. Be interesting to see if there is a pupil list as Val goes on to detail the number of books in the school at this time.

Val tells us there was an outbreak of Cholera in 1845 and 1867. Could or did this outbreak spread outwith of Kenmore? Do we see any indication of this in the Auchindrain records?

Additionally Val tells us of 4 Kenmore men, Duncan McArthur, Allan McColl, Robert McGilp and Duncan Campbell, Junior, who emigrated to America in 1850, //"the Duke buying their cattle and crops for £92-4-6d and paying their passage money of £36. // Did this happen for any other men in the surround area? Why did these 4 men go? Did they sail with anyone else? Need to look at passenger lists.

Val mentions "some families of Campbells and Munros emigrated to Australia during the Gold Rush in an attempt to make their fortune. A few were successful and others disappeared into the bush and became outlaws." Did this Gold Rush have any impact on emigration on Aucindrain families? Did it open up homes at Kenmore - did any Auchindrain families move there during this time? What are the dates of this "Gold Rush".