Mary Sinclair 1869 - 1953

Name: Mary Sinclair

Father: Duncan Sinclair

Mother: Isabella Galbraith

Birth: 25 Dec 1869, Auchindrain

Death: 5 Jan 1953, Fasgaidh, Furnace, Cumlodden1

  • Cause of Death: Hemisplegia, as Cert. by Wm. MacIntyre, M.B. Ch. B.
  • Informant: D. Sinclair, Brother, (Present)
  • Burial: Kilmalieu Burial Ground, Inveraray
  • Headstone:

Occupation: Housekeeper for many years to William "Willie" Robertson, Ironmonger on Main Street, Inveraray and also a Provost for the town.

Never Married. No known issue.


  • 1871

2 room with windows

Name Rel. Con. Age Occupation Born
Duncan Sinclair Head Mar 39 Farmer Achindrain
Bella Sinclair Wife Mar 29 Kilmichael
Arch. Sinclair son 4 Achindrain
Mary Sinclair daur 12 mos Achindrain
  • 1881


Duncan Sinclair Head M 48 Powder Maker Achindrain
Bella Sinclair Wife M 38 Powder Maker Wife Barnakill
Archibald Sinclair son 14 Scholar Achindrain
Mary Sinclair daur 11 Scholar Achindrain
John Sinclair son 8 Scholar Achindrain
Bella Sinclair daur 6 Scholar Achindrain
Duncan Sinclair son 3 Achindrain
Sarah Sinclair daur 3m Brenchollie
  • 1911

PO Square, Furnace4

Duncan Sinclair Head 80 Retired General Labourer Cumlodden
Isabella Sinclair Wife 70 Glassary
Archibald Sinclair son 44 Settmaker Granite quarries Cumlodden
John Sinclair son 38 Sett Maker Granite quarries Cumlodden
Isabella Sinclair daur 36 Cumlodden
Sarah Sinclair daur 30 Cumlodden
Mary Sinclair daur 41 Cumlodden