Ownership History

RCAHMS (1992a) The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.
Argyll: An inventory of the monuments: Volume 7: Mid-Argyll and Cowal: Medieval and later monuments, {Edinburgh}
Page(s): No. 213, p457-464, plans, figs Held at RCAHMS A.1.1.INV/25

Page 463-464

“Historical Note:
The early history of Auchindrain (Achadh an Droighinn, ‘Field of the Thorn’tree’) is obscure, and the lands held in the 16th century by the MacCorquodale family of Phantilands (Lorn) were evidently those of the same name in Kilchrenan parish.(5*)
The Lochfyneside township was probably included in the various royal grants of the barony of Glenaray to the Campbells of Argyll.
In 1534 it was in the possession of Archibald MacAlasdair MacIver, a member of the Cambpell family of Ballochyle (Cowal), whose future wife, Marion MacNaughton, received a liferent charter of the four merklands of Auchindrain from the 4th Earl of Argyll as part of her marriage-settlement.
By 1598, however, it was held by Donald Campbell, probably a cadet of the Pennymore family, whose kinsmen occupied the neighbouring property of Claonairigh. (6)
In 1687 both townships were held in feu from the Argyll estate by Jean Campbell, a member of the same family, and her husband, the Revd Patrick Campbell of Glenaray parish (see No. 65, 24-5), and in 1690 they paid, as feu-duty for the four merklands of Auchindrain and the two merklands of Claonairigh, a small money rent, 58 stones of cheese and a quantity of meal, valued in all at £78 10s Scots.
From 1714 to 1754 the freehold was owned by the Clerks of Braleckan, and then until 1766 by James MacPhun of Claonairigh, collector of taxes, and thereafter by Bailie Angus Fisher ‘of Thornfield’.
The property had been reacquired by the Argyll estate before 1779, when it was included in the census of estate inhabitants.”

*Need to get access and review what the 5* and 6 subnotes indicate - do not have them on my copy.

1534 - ? - Archibald MacAlasdair MacIver

1598 - ? - Donald Campbell

1687 - ? - Jean Campbell and her husband Revd Patrick Campbell

1714 - 1754 - Clerks of Braleckan

1755 - 1766 - James MacPhun of Claonairigh

1767 - ? - Bailie Angus Fisher 'of Thornfield'.

1779 - Argyll Estate (Do not know when it was accquired from Angus Fisher)