Peter Mccallum 1771 Bef 1857


Father : John McCallum

Mother : not identified on baptism register

Born : 27 February 1771, Inverae, Glassary, Kilmichael

Not found Peter's entry on the IGI so not found any other siblings

10 June 1819 - possibly Kilmartin, and Inveraray1

Peter McCallum and Mary Mckellar abt 1785-1857 both of this parish gave in their names in order for proclamation of marriage the 5th June 1819 years and were married at Kilmartin? June 10th 1819 years by Mr Hugh Dewar then and there.

Children (? two of these daughters had died before 1946 when Peter applied for poor relief)
Peter McCallum 1809
Catherine McCallum 1810
Margaret McCallum 1820
Isabella McCallum 1822 - 1915
Alexander McCallum 1824

Death - before 1857 as Mary is described as a widow.

  • Cause of Death
  • Burial
  • Headstone

Ag lab
(on his daughters death certificate Martin Munro puts Sherrif officer !)



  • 1779

Where is he in the Duke of Argyll Census 1779 ?

  • 1841
  • > McCallum Peter M 70 1771 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire

McCallum Mary F 50 1791 Argyllshire
13th Household from Inveraray, Auchindrain ACHDN W

  • 1851 - wife says she is married, but no sign of Peter anywhere

from Auchindrain leaflet out of the Dunollie papers there is a note that

In 1846 one Peter McCallum of Auchindrain applied to the parish of Inveraray for Poor Relief. He was a widower with a grown up family of three, two of whom were in employment far away from Auchindrain. His son was a shepherd on the other side of Auchindrain, one daughter lived with him, and the other was "in service".
curiously he is NOT a widower as Mary outlives him..
Peter was not a tenant. He must have been a cottar, one of that unremarked class who worked for the full tenants in return for cheap housing, and payment in kind: a bit of ground to grow potatoes, the grazing for a cow, and one sheaf in twenty-four of the crop of oats.
Peter had a potato-patch, a cow, and paid two pounds per year for his house.
The Board of the Parish turned his request down, on the grounds that, with his cow, his potato-patch and the potential support of his family, he had enough.
1846 was the year of Potato blight striking for the first time across Scotland.


Files / certificates held and by whom.


Other records

  • Duke of Argylls census - is he on this .. would be 8 years old.. depends on whether he is living on Duke of Argyll's land at the time.
  • Fencible Men - might expect to see him on one around the early 1800's
  • Valuation Rolls - not expect him to be on these.