Peter Munro 1769 -

Name: Peter Munro

Father: Martin Munro

Mother: Janet McViccar

Born: 1769, Auchindrain


Married: 26 Mar 1789 Inveraray Kathrine Walker

"Peter Munro and Katherine Margaret Walker, both in this parish gave in their names in order for proclamation of marriage on March 25th 1789 and were married at Inveraray March 26 1789


  • Malcolm Munro b. 6 Nov 1789, Auchindrain
  • Donald Munro b. 20 Dec 1791
  • Elizabeth Munro b. 19 May 1794
  • Martin Munro b. 18 Aug 1795
  • Duncan Munro b. 2 Mar 1797, Auchindrain1
  • John Munro b. 31 Jan 1801
  • Peter Munro b. 25 May 1803
  • Margaret Munro b. 5 May 1805
  • Elizabeth Munro b. 25 Jan 1807
  • Annie Munro b. 2 Jan 1810, Auchindrain





Not proved to be this Peter Munro but suspected:

Justices of the Peace in Argyll (1686 - 1825) by Frank Bigwood
Pg 113
- Petition: Duke of Argyll, Charles Selkrig his trustee and Capt Archibald Campbell Chamberlain of Argyll and the Procurator Fiscal

The petitioners claimed that Donald and Malcolm Munro, sons of Peter Munro tenant in Auchindrain, and John MacNocol senior residing at Argyll Furnace had contravened the Games Laws by hunting on the Duke of Argyll's property. The justices granted warrant to summon the men. Alexander Munro and Donald Sinclair in Auchindrain, Duncan Ferguson and Duncan Brown in Cralecken and John Baine in Pennymore were summoned as witnesses. 4 Mar 1819