Poor Relief

So far we have few known applications for poor relief.

This is a thread for future research in the archives ..
Will there be any of these records in the Argyll Archives?

1846 application by Peter Mccallum 1771-Bef 1857

from old Auchindrain leaflet there is a note that : -
In 1846 one Peter McCallum of Auchindrain applied to the parish of Inveraray for Poor Relief. He was a widower with a grown up family of three, two of whom were in employment far away from Auchindrain. His son was a shepherd on the other side of Auchindrain, one daughter lived with him, and the other was "in service".
curiously he is NOT a widower as Mary outlives him..
Peter was not a tenant. He must have been a cottar, one of that unremarked class who worked for the full tenants in return for cheap housing, and payment in kind: a bit of ground to grow potatoes, the grazing for a cow, and one sheaf in twenty-four of the crop of oats.
Peter had a potato-patch, a cow, and paid two pounds per year for his house.
The Board of the Parish turned his request down, on the grounds that, with his cow, his potato-patch and the potential support of his family, he had enough.
1846 was the year of Potato blight striking for the first time across Scotland.